Numbness and tingling

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Jan 23, 2007
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Has anyone experience numbness in their feet or tingling like pins and needles. When I drive my foot goes numb and hurts sometimes, is this typical for als? My hands go numb when I sleep at night sometimes too.
Before I was diagnosed I had tingling in my hands that would wake me up (or was it something else) at night. I thought at the time that I had just slept on them and cut off the circulation. I don't remember having the problem with my feet though.

Oddly enough, I was reading the Sunday paper's magazine insert entitled Body & Soul. I reached the page on "Health Issues" with Dr. Cindy Pan and a caption that reads "Some nerve" - Weakness and tingling in the extremities are symptoms of Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Dr. Pan describes the initial symptoms as weakness and tingling in the extremities. She also goes on to say that "typically the symptoms of Guillain-Barre syndrome come on fairly rapidly, over a period of a few days or weeks, but sometimes over the course of a single day."

In the section entitled "What causes it?" she states the following: "Exactly what causes the immune system to start attacking the peripheral nervous system (in particular the myelin sheaths covering the nerves) is not fully understood. It is, however, recognised that in many cases the onset of the syndrome is preceded by a viral or bacterial infection, such as a respiratory tract infection, gastroenteritis (most commonly food poisoning with Campylobacter jejuni), herpes zoster (shingles), glandular fever or viral hepatitis.

Other potential triggers that may precede the onset of Guillain-Barre syndrome include surgery, insect bites, pregnancy and very rearely, vaccinations."

Sorry this is so long... but I need to communicate this just in case someone benefits from the information... I have the rest of the article in front of me about how it is diagnosed? What are the treatments? The Outlook for Sufferers...

It is my brother George who put me onto this forum as he was loosing his ability to use the computer. His greatest fear was not to be able to search for answers... I am able and I can do it for him.

Thanks Al and Anna,

I have been having these symptoms for 3 1/2 months along with weakness in my legs, mostly my left leg and muscle twitching through out my body. I don't have any swallowing problems, and have a lot of anxiety. I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I am beginning to think it might be als. :cry:

Thanks again
Hi Chad- My hands are usually numb. It gets worse if I try to hold a book or telephone too long. My toes "Buzz" quite a bit - used to think this was numbness but now I see the feeling comes from the toes twitching against each other. My feet and legs ache all the time. The legs feel like the shin splints I used to get when I jogged in poor sneakers. I wake up in the morning with sore feet like I stood on them all day, and as the day wears on it gets worse. Plus my shoes are getting too big.

I was getting terrible neck pain and neck spasms too but I find it helps to wear a back brace. I guess the neck muscles were working overtime to support my trunk and with the brace, there is some relief.
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