Not sure what this is but any help greatly appreciated.

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Dec 23, 2022
Around 8 months ago I was a regular visitor to this site. I took a break for the last 6 months but decided to post as I have no resolution. I have read the posts before writing this but just not sure what's going on. In April this year I lost 4kgs, developed constant muscle burning and aches and had twitching all over but especially in the hands, arms and legs both sides. I also have tremors when I put my teeth together and in my cheeks as well as tremors and visible fasiculations, pulse like in my tounge. My muscles all over became floppy and I lost muscle tone all over. Blood pressure especially (systolic) was high as well as my heart rate. I could see what appeared to be the nerves twitching / firing. Other initial symptoms were struggling to fall and stay asleep. Lower back pain, feeling the need to clear my throat and drooling whist asleep often waking up with a completely wet pillow. I also felt thirsty and would urinate very often, literally as soon as I drank. I developed a gurgling sound mainly in my throat but occasionally in the chest and stomach. I also felt difficulty with swallowing certain foods. Not sure how relevant but I used to get internal tremors when stretching or doing certain exercise and was diagnosed with mild REM sleep disorder possibly due to reduced dopamine. GP ordered lots of bloods and I had an endoscopy, barium swallow test and CT scan from neck thorax to the pelvis. I also had brain and cervical spine MRI. I went private and had a EMG and nerve conduction study. So far everything is negative and I'm waiting for the neurologist to decide what to do next. The bloods were done in April, June and October. I noticed that the RBC, WBC, Haemoglobin, Haematocrit, MCV, MPV, MCHC, platelets and neutrophils have dropped from April to June and June to October they dropped again. The doctors say bloods are normal. I was put on Propranolol for a couple of months as I was anxious with the situation . I was then prescribed sertraline (Zoloft) which I took for a couple of months but came off as I was struggling with the side effects and I still have burning muscle pain. There was a time when I was considering Als, Mnd, parkingsons. I no longer believe this but want to know what's going on. Can anyne please shed some light as to what it might be. Greatly appreciated.Ihave attached the emg.


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Hi sorry you are having issues. Forgive me for asking but since you say you no longer believe this is ALS why are you posting? We are not a general health forum nor can we diagnose you.
your emg is normal you are reporting a lot of non ALS symptoms.
please work with your doctors ultimately they will be the source of your answer. I don’t know your blood count numbers. Some fluctuation is normal and hydration status can affect some of them. Make sure the doctor has seen them side by side if you feel there isa concern

good luck
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