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May 27, 2024
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Hi, not sure how to start, my husband is in his early 30s, he has been under a lot of stress and anxiety for different reasons. one year ago, he started feeling he was speaking different, then some months later he noticed that one of his arms was feeling week. In December he was running, hiking, skiing, with no problems. Then during late December/start Jan he noticed some type of reflex that were not normal, and he started thinking he had MS/ALS.

At the beginning we thought it was the anxiety talking but some weeks later he had a big fall, for no apparent reason, he was walking in the room and tripped with his own foot. At the same time, his voice started to sound more nasal, and he started speaking slower (Once again we thought it was either the anxiety pills or the anxiety). His walking also started changing (He feels his legs as two tense sticks) and he got more worried about his condition.

He went to the orthopedic and he did all the normal examinations and found a positive Clonus in his leg, the reason why he sent us to the Neurology. The neurology also did all the physical examinations and some extra exams. He found clonus on both sides, Babinski negative, gait spastic, hollow feet. Strength was fine in the left arm, reduced in the right arm. He didn't find anything wrong in the tongue or fasciculations (he has some twitching that I think are more related to stress as I also have them from time to time, but at this point everything could be related).

The neurology did some electrophysiological tests and all of them were ok. He ordered cranial and Spine MRI and both are okay (which made my husband more nervous). Now we are waiting for a hospitalization, but the doctors say they need to do an EMG under El-Escorial and possible LP, so we need to wait for 2 months until that appointment.

Of course, the waiting makes the anxiety worse and as my husband is aware he has something neurological he is very stressed and anxious, he is worried he might have another fall and that he gets some bad news. Have any of you had a similar case? We are talking of all those symptoms in less than 6 months.
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