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May 23, 2006
Hi I have had problems with slurred speech the last six months, Stroke has been eliminated and have recently seen a neurologist. The only real sther symptom is my tongue quivers a bit. I have to have an MRI and a EMG but he does feel i have a motor neuron disease . I guess I have a little hope but I am scared Of what will happen to me, I'm thinking the worse. for myself and what my wife and kids will have to endure. If anyone has some words of wisdom, Iwould sure appreciate it. Thanks from Calgary
Welcome to this site. This site has many wonderful caring people, all willing to reach out and help. This is a place where it is okay to say you are afraid, we all understand and we do really care. It is very frightening to be going through tests wondering what is wrong. I am sure you are going through many emotions and not sure what way to feel. It is really important that you try to keep positive and believe me I know this is very hard to do. The possibility is still there that it may not be als. Eight months ago my husband and I were feeling just what you are feeling right now, wondering what was wrong. I could not sleep, eating was a problem and just trying to get through the day was so hard. The worry made us both exhausted. Fear alone can make one feel unwell. My heart goes out to you and your family at this time. Never give up hope. Please know you are not alone in this.

Sandy and hope.
Hi Keninski. Best advice is take one day at a time. When I was first diagnosed my GP told me to make a list of the things that I wanted to do but never got around to. I thought that was good advice too. Not just because of the ALS but we get wrapped up in our day to day life and get into the " I'll do it when I retire and have more money and time" I retired and 3 months later got my diagnosis. I was glad I had done so many things throughout my life instead of waiting. Do it while you still can is a good motto.
Thank somuch

Thanks so much for your quick reply to my first message. I had my EMG test today .My Doctor said I Had some reduction on my left side . He said something is going on with the Motor Neurons and this test is part of the puzzle. Next is an MRI. Kind of still thinking the worse but hping for some good news.
Hi Kevinski. You wouldn't be a firefighter would you? I had someone tell me recently about a Calgary firefighter that may have ALS and the friend was directing him to the forum but I'm not sure if he showed up. Wasn't you was it? You can private message me if you don't want to answer on here. There are quite a few motor neuron diseases that aren't near as bad as ALS so keep up the good thoughts until all the tests are in. It might not be as bad as you think. Al.
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