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Is anyone else having the problem of not being able to sleep for more than 60 minutes at a time at night? No naps are being taken during the day, it just seems like things don't shut down at night.

Thank you.
If you're having trouble "Shutting Down" at night...

I would suggest some simple meditation techniques. If you're interested I'll send you some info.

It may help...certainly couldn't hurt.
Hi Chris, again. My father is taking a sleeping pill. Without it, he couldn't sleep at all. Even with the pill he's not quite sleepy, and he has to turn round couple of times at night.
I think he has never been so :shock: (I mean with eyes wide opened :D )
i've been blessed with ability to sleep through anything. my mom used to say it was the Irish in me{from my dad's side} :lol: i find that i'm even sleeping more now. 10 to 11 hours a night! i really don't like sleeping this much! i feel like i'm sleeping my life away.
Good Morning Everyone,

Henry has not slept well now for over 3 years. He is awake alot of the night. Before in the beginning, I think it was more his mind keeping him awake, now it is the pain, and not being able to move his arms and legs. He gets pressure point aches and pains horribly. This I know is standard for this stage of als, but, I do not get much sleep. I am up several times during the night. I get up tired, go to bed tired. Henry naps during the afternoon now, he never used to before. Again, I think that this is due to the fact that his lung capcity is so low, and he is so , so, tired. Glad to hear that you are in the trial in Toronto Deb, good for you! Hope it works. Would that not be great. We need some good news on the als front. Well, everyone, have a great day, I must go to work now. Just thought I would check in with all. Love to all...


Chris: i use copius amounts of beer, pot, sleeping pills. unable to move in bed and require bi-pap. sleep like a baby although a drunken pot smoking pill taking baby :)


les has never slept well and with the advance of the als it was much worse. not much pain (leg cramps), but mental activity and twitching all night long. he was given sleeping pills to take (ativan) and he used to take one occasionally when it all got too much for him.....but he doesn't anymore. he always has hated taking medicines and such. (this darn disease has been the nth degree of irony in les' life.) however, with the bipap and his diminished lung capacity, he sleeps more and naps in the afternoon. now he goes to the bedroom bipap to get a small dose break and ends up sleeping (and/or zoning out) for 3 hours or more.

what i meant to say is that the situation resolved itself without alot of intervention on les' part. we probably worried more about the lack of sleep thing than we needed to.

Sleep, what's that? i can't seem to get more than an hour of Sleep at any given time. my mind never shuts down.always thinking .i wish i could Sleep better maybe i wouldn't be so tired and i would have more energy.
mike, you better give us all your tips on how to get a good nights' Sleep.i will check out the site and let you know if it works.
we could all use it. lol elaine
i know i have trouble sleeping. obviously, my problem is related to not being able to shut down my mind. i also have back pain and a husband that tosses & turns! but, mostly it's my mind. well, just thought i'd put my 2 cents worth in! melissa
hi guys,

sleep, ah yes, i remember it well. it is where you close your eyes and fall into lala land and have 7-8 hours of uninterupted rest. ah yes, those were the good ole days ! tonight is the first night that henry will be sleeping in his new hospital bed. i hope it goes well. we will see. anyway, have a good night all, and i will let you all know how our first night at home went. god bless..

lots of love, carol zzzz
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sleeping i wish i could stay awake with my disease i can sleep for days on end. has anyone tried a homepathice apporach like melatonon ist not addicitng and i dont thinh it would interfere with any meds you may be taking. i take a lot of medication and it doesnt seem to bother me. i also have legs cramps and spams right up inot my groin area on both legs where i can t walk i just lay on the ground and scream until the spasms stop and the cramps release themsleves.. has anyone tried quinnine i take 2-2oo mg just before bed as well as calcium and magnesium. the calcium actually helps you to sleep and relief the restlessness in your legs and the magnesium helps the contractions. 400 mg of magnesium or more can be taken. check this out with our dr because you do need a rx for quinnine. theresa did you ever get a resonse to the medes your freind was taking the luvox or fluvoxamine is an antidepressant nad the diaxepam other wisw know as valium is for anxiety or a sedative or for nerves. this can be very addictive so he has to watch how much he takes because in the beginning he will feel good but as time goes by he may feel he needs more. the rilutek of course is an als medication that is still being researched . tim has been on it since the very begining but i dont see any improvement from it and he has to go for blood tests all the time just to see what side effects maybe taking place. he even had to sign a waiver to take the drug because it is still in the guinea pig stage. creatine was basically used for body builders to give them more stamina and strength but you also have got be careful with this supplement because of kidney failure problems. well enough medical talk for one night . talk to you all soon and yes i will be moving but tim still hasnt given me a date hes driving me crazy i may be living on the streets if he doesnt hurry up.
als about lovig someone
carol think of all the fun you'll have on the electronic bed? who gets to use the controls?
Hi kim,

me of course. up and down and up and down. Ha... Henry splept for 5 Hours straigHt, and tHen woke up at 4am. tHat was great. we will see How it goes tonigHt. He did fairly well. sleeping pill and pain meds worked good. tonigHt will be anotHer test. will talk to you later, i Have to go feed Him supper. love ya..

carol xo
hi all....richard has been taking 2 gravol with his meds at night, and it has actually stopped his nightmares he has had. he is settling in not too bad...i find him at his worse in the mornings when he first wakes up...we actually invested in a "ultramatic bed" it may break us financially, but we thought it would help him sit up. of course since he has just moved in he didn't want to sleep without me.........awh....i am a little worried about him, he has lost alot of weight in a very short time...and he seems extra tired and sometimes i feel he is in another world. i wonder if his meds are making him incoherent at times...we still have boxes all over the place, and i am a neat freak and the clutter is driving me crazy! at this time i am still working 4pm to midnight, but after next week will be on a permanent day shift 8am to hopefully we can get our life into some routine...richard tries to wait up for me and i think this is contributing to his exhaustion! well i am on my dinner break at work..better get back to the phones and solve other peoples problems....take care everyone...thanks for your love and support...i am not getting much from my family...actually my grandson is getting baptised on feb 20 and i have been asked not to bring it is very trying...anyway....take to all....karen
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Karen, it sounds pretty scary about richard. see what the doctors say about it but perhaps it is all changes lately.
kim, you asked me about the meds my friend was on. that was over a year is one year since he told me about this...i feel rather odd...anyway, the doctors have changed his medication on numerous occasions, so i have no idea what he is taking and what symptoms he is having. he still won't discuss it with me. one more last ditch effort tomorrow, then i am packing it in. i can't keep up this marathon when he won't allow me in. you can't be there for someone who doesn't want to include you no matter what the reason. i have said and done everything humanly possible other then break down his front door and scream. since that is not an option, he has one more chance tomorrow..our four years since we begun, he doesn't give in, i surrender until he comes to me. i am not chasing him any longer.
Good for you theresa! i'll bet he comes to you when he thinks you're not going to bother with him! i really hope that things work out tomorrow, though! be strong girl!
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