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Nov 1, 2007
I Went to a Neurologist today. I told him about my symptoms, and then he preformed a series of motor reflex test, strength tests, and hitting me with a hammer object. He then told me that he is confident that I do not have any MND. I just don't believe him. I am schedule to come back in a month for a EMG, as he puts it to help put my mind at ease.

I would expect a whole lot more testing before a doctor would say I am confident you don’t have a MND.
Should I trust him? have I just convinced myself I have ALS?

Good news and bad news for you Smak;
Some people on this forum have gone over 4 years without a DX of ALS with every test known to man.
That's the good news, you have now where come close to being diagnosed as having ALS, be thankful.

The bad news is "IF" you had ALS it would take about a year to run all of the tests because the only way to DX ALS is to rule out every other possible disease. You are jumping on the ALS bandwagon awfully quick. There are many, many, other things it could possibly be besides ALS.

If in doubt go to the ALS clinic near you, look on line for one at
and be tested by someone who sees ALS patients every day and knows what to look for to give you a proper DX.

Be at peace....... there is every possibility that you do not have ALS.

God Bless
Capt AL
Also keep in mind that even if there is motor nerve involvement, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's ALS. I have been to 3 neuros (regular, ALS Specialist, and Mayo Clinic), and all have said that they don't think I have ALS. But I do have motor nerve involvement in both arms and legs, difficulty swallowing, and reduced pulmonary function. They use the term peripheral neuropathy of predomindantly motor nerves in what they see in my limbs. My point is that even 'if' it is an MND, it doesn't have to be ALS. There are a lot of other non-MND things as well.
I forgot to mention that I have had 7 EMGs in since March 2006: 1st one showed something abnormal, 2nd one done by neuro didn't show anything, 3rd and subsequent ones all showed similar things with motor nerves.
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