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Sep 17, 2006
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New England
Hello friends. I just wanted to give a brief update regarding my wear-abouts lately. First I had a great trip to visit my daughter and her children but my laptop did not like their wireless network so I could only get on-line about half the time.

Then I came home and back to work to discover the office renovations had knocked out our internet. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth form everybody, they put us back up until this afternoon. "No problem," I told myself, "I can get on at home."

Then over the weekend I was working at my laptop, tying to catch up with all of you, and I reached for a glass of water right when my wrist went limp. Needless to say the water went into the laptop and it died. My son-in-law took at it and tried but the keyboard is unusable. So until I purchase a new laptop, or until the office gets a new roof, I'm going to be out of commission, web-wise. I'll be thinking of each of you, though, and will rejoin in a few of days. All my best, Cindy
Hey Cindy!- I wondered where you have been! It's great to hear from you. Sounds like you have been electronically under the weather, but I am really glad to hear that you had a great visit. Hope to hear back from you soon. Leslie
Thanks Leslie. So many folks here have reasons to give us a pause for concern when they don't show up for a few days. I am just glad that I'm fortunate enough with my health right now that if I'm among the missing it is for a benign reason! Cindy
Speaking of that I have been wondering if anyone has heard from Lisa Lane from Atlanta. She hasn't posted since Oct or so.
Thanks for keeping an eye out, Al. Perhaps we should encourage everyone to let their families and caregivers know to post a quick message on their behalf if people find that they are sudddenly unable to join us for any reason. Cindy

Cindy, I was surprised to read you can still work! After only three months of severe symptoms I could not work at all. And finaly got on disability in Jan. of this year. I have now slowed down, progression wise, little change in 13 months now. Bet working helps keep your mind off of things, though, I miss it. Barry
Thank you Barry. I think I am in some sort of plateau. Last fall I thought I might not make it through the year but now I am used to my symptoms and so I keep at it. Plus I've met a lot of folks here who have far more to cope with so I decided to get over myself and get back to living! :wink: Cindy
:smile: Right on Cindy!
Thanks Mike. How are you doing yourself these days? Cindy
Hi Cindy,

I am doing quite well. There are several events coming up that we are excited about. We will be seeing the Dalai Lama, attending an SF ALSA fundraiser Gala, and our Napa Walk to d'Feat ALS is just around the corner. March, April, and May are busy months for us.

Wow! Lee and I watched a documentary about the Dalai Lama - can't think fo the name right now but it had something about a white tiger in the title. Fascinating culture and rather sad what is happening in that part of the world. I'm impressed that you and jen will have a chance to meet him.

Best of luck with the fundraisers. I honestly don't know where you find the energy! Cindy
Hi Cindy,

I won't be meeting the Dalai Lama (I wish). We bought tickets to see him speak. :-D

I guess you did say that- I just read the message too fast. You should still have a great experience, though. I look forward to hearing all about it!
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