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Jan 13, 2008
My husband has been having a big issue not having a bowel movement. He is having instead a mucus substance nothing else.

He is not complaining of being in any pain, and will eat but not much. We have used laxatives, softners, and other things but nothings really making him regular, and it is going on probably 14 days without real bowel movement again.

I appologize if this has already been discussed, but any suggestions would be great.
Hi whimsy-

Have you called your Dr? 14 days without much relief is kind of a big deal. I'm glad he isn't in much pain, but it could signal a bowel obstruction or other things.

Once in awhile, having folks two lay on their left side ( knees slightly bent- a pillow in between his legs if needed for comfort) for an hour or after they drink a glass of water will help if something is trapped around the "sharp turn" in your colon- it might be worth a shot. Sometimes if you are dehydrated or not regular- a hard piece of stool can form and back everything up- things have a hard time getting around it. If you can get something moving around it- there's a chance it will break it loose a little bit and get things moving enough that eventually a large BM is possible. SO- this is why the water and lie on your left side trick sometimes works. Gravity really can be our friend!

But warn him that if this was the problem- it won't be a pleasant experience while he's going, but will feel much better afterward- then try to prevent it from happening in the future.

Sorry he has to go through this- bowel troubles are awful!

But my advice would be to call the Dr. if he doesn't go by tomorrow.
Hope it helps-

I think if I had went 14 days without a bowel movement that I would strongly consider seeing a physician. Something isn't right somewhere. We have used "Magnesium Citrate" from Wal-Mart that really works well. It's a 10 oz. bottle of clear liquid that you drink.
Hi Christy- My husband is an RN (ICU and Cardiac Cath) and he said bowel obstructions can be very serious- it can actually cause your bowel to die. He says " Don't just tell her to call the Dr!_ Urge her to call the Dr!"

Are you hearing an echo? LOL

Good luck and let us know how everything goes.
Forget the urge. As the others have said this could be extremely serious contact a physician immediately.
We had just been to the E-room the July 4th ref a fall we had and they were informed of the problem and told us to follow up w/ using a fiber drink. I'll contact his Dr. tomorrow.

BM trouble

This is a very serious problem...even if he doesn't "feel" sick. My PALS had to have regular "help" once or twice a week but not before our poor hospice nurse took several hours of "flushing him out!" Not a pretty picture and VERY hard on my poor PALS - my big, strong boys had to take turns holding up their dad in front of the toilet so the nurse could do her job. Take action IMMEDIATELY!

Former CALS for husband, Jeff: 7-5-2007
I know what helps me but don't know if it's easy getting

I stayed constipated and get both. Either constipation or the runny stomach that then goes back to constipation. I found out by my father's fig tree that it helped produce a nice soft stool even after being severely constipated. If you can find some fresh figs that are ripe they really work wonders.
My cousin has an autistic child that had problems too with constipation and we gave him some and it works for him too! I read that figs were used in the olden days as a laxitive that was natural and worked quite well. Maybe something like this would be less stressful! Hope your husband gets to feeling better with that complication. I have seen times where I had to pluck it out and that hurts. Nice to meet you!
He needs to see a Gastroenteologist ASAP!
Well, you got the appropriate advice! Let us know how he is doing. Cindy
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