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Carol Deboer

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May 7, 2003
My dear friends,

i do not have very good news to report today. at 3:30 yesterday afternoon, we had to call 911 to take henry to the hospital. he went downhill very quickly over the past two days prior, and his breathing was shallow ,yet loud, and he lost all control of his body. we sat in the er for about 8 hours, while they tested and drugged hiM up. he has double pneMonia couple with infection. he is in very grave condition.
they transfered hiM this afternoon to pallative care. he seeMs to be resting better with the drugs and antibiotics they are giving hiM aggressively. i just caMe hoMe now to shower and go back up. i was at the hospital for 22 hours straight, tired, hungry and just plain exhausted seeM just about right for words. we are hoping that he can turn this corner. please pray for our faMily and for henry and i.
we will accept gods will and accept his Mercy. i hope that everyone else is doing alright, and i will keep you posted on our status.

stay strong, god bless

love, carol
Carol, we are all here, and the rest of the forum will fall into place when they read this.

prayers are with you all.
Prayer for theDeboer Family

To carol, henry and her family,
Today i Think we are all feeling saddness and a biT of inTernal conflicT. iTs Time To Take a deep breaTh close our eyes and say a prayer for The deboer family.
dear holy spiriT:
in This momenT i cannoT move. i do noT know whaT To do. please move Through me, Taking me in The direcTion ThaT will serve your will for me. fill my mind wiTh The ThoughTs ThaT will lead me in ThaT direcTion. shuT my mouTh. if i have To speak, speak Through me. shuT my eyes. if i need To see anyThing, show me where To look. close my ears. if There is someThing i musT hear, please whisper iT inTo my hearT in a way ThaT i can undersTand. if i sTop, genTly push me beyond fear and doubT. i am TrusTing you so ThaT i may Take The mosT appropriaTe acTion for my highesT and greaTesT good. Thank you. and so iT is.
love kim
als abouT loving someone
Hang in there sweetie, we're all praying for you and henry.
keep strong and may god be with you both. all our love ,hugs and kisses elaine and maurice
Carol, i will keep you, henry and your family in my prayers, and i know god will give each of your strenght and comfort in the hours to come.
love jane
Carol and henry

our thoughts and prayers are with you. my heart goes out to you and your husband.

Lee and i think of you every day. our hearts go out to you and your family. take care.
Carol - again i wish i could be there and give you a hug. but, it sounds like you have a good support system around you and for that i am thankful. i will be praying for you and your family to feel god's presence and peace as you spend time in the hospital and go through the next few days. i will pray for henry that he is comfortable and also feeling god's presence. i thank god for you and your wisdom to us all. i don't know how we all would have made it this far without you. -melissa-

dear god, we leave this family in your hands. as much as we might ache to do something, we know our days are out of our hands. please let Carol, henry and the whole family just know that you are there holding their hands and comfort them. god, you know all of our hearts, please answer our prayers.
... as always, my thoughts and prayers are with you... hang on...we're all here!

Dear carol we thinking of you and henry during your troubled time

jim and linda

god bless you both
stay strong carol
Ok guys: what the heck is gOing On nOw with the site?
What the heck is going on here?

i like mike's hug....if carol even has the opportunity to get on, she'll need a translator..or we will...
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