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Nov 6, 2003
My names Christine and I'm currently finishing my grade 12. I know little about ALS but I do know that my boyfriend lost his father 3 years ago because of it.

I have been reading up on ALS a lot since I've made a commitment to Chris. The things I have read are so overwhelming. It's hard to sit in front of my computer and read the things that these people impacted have gone through without shedding a tear.

I've come to this forum to listen and 'feel' first hand what it is that you all go through. Emotionally and physically.

Currently I'm making my boyfriend a scrapbook of his father and people with ALS. I've visited homes and hospitals with people infected with this disease and am trying to understand. I'm putting pictures and stories of their lives in this book as well.

I want Chris to know that his Dad isn't the only one who went through this, that currently there are people going through the same thing sad enough. As well as their families.

Sadly, this month marks the anniversary of his father's death.

I'm looking forward to being a member on this forum.

Not open for further replies.