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Jan 12, 2008
Nova Scotia
Hi Everyone, I'm new to this because my father was diagnosed with ALS. He has over the past year really failed and is now confined to bed. We had originally thought it was spinal stenosis but when we recently saw the orthopedic surg a further diagnosed was made. We are floored by it and currenlty he is 76 and having some trouble with swallowing, talking and breathing if his head is not in the right position. We wonder how far the disease has progressed and what stage he may be in. In Aug 2007 he was using a walker and getting around fairly well only occasionally needing help to get up. We bought a lift chair which helped a great deal. He now has no use on his left side and very minimal on the right. He needs to be spood fed all the time. His dignity is gone and he has 3-4 hours care from VON nurses per day. Does anyone have any ideas what time frame we are looking at here. He says he does not want any medical interventions and wanted a DNR signed by his wife. We are in agreement for now but not sure what the future holds. Hope somone can help!
Give Thanks For Each Day, Every Moment.

Hi Nspaul,

No One Can Predict The Time Element Into This Disease, As It Varies With Each Person.

Cherish Each Moment Together And Try To Be As Positive As Possible. I Realize This Is Difficult Days For You And Your Loved One, But Focus On The Moment Only As This Will Help You As Well As Your Loved One.

I Am Truly Sorry That You Are Here Under These Circumstances Asking About This Horrible Disease (als). My Heart Is With You As Well As My Prayers.

Praying For A Cure.

Hugs & Prayers,
Hello Paul. I am sorry this is happening ot you and your family. We will try to help as much as we can. There is a lot of great information on this site - you might start by doing a search from the tab at the top of this screen. There is almost no topic that has not been covered before, and people around here are great, so I am glad you decided to join us. Hope we will be able to help. Cindy
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