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Jun 16, 2006
Friend was DX
Hi everyone...I'm new to this site. My best friend of 40 yrs has ALS and is currently in Hospice support care. I just need some emotional support as am having a difficult time with my feelings/emotions. Don't want to burden her with my pain because when she cries she cannot breathe. Mostly we laugh alot as only best friends can in times of tragedy.:) She is a good soul. I love her dearly.

I'm trying to understand this horrible disease which is slowly robbing her of life and independence. She is in an ALS wheelchair, has lost function in both legs, one arm, ability to talk, and almost ability to eat (swallow solid food). Lung capacity is now at 33%. She communicates with a voice synthesizer. She is hanging on to what little freedom she has, and I am simply there to support her and love her through it, along w/her family & friends.

I guess I just want to say how her incredible courage and ability to deal with this illness (with such grace & dignity) has touched my soul. I feel this way about any of you who are also living w/ALS. God bless, and I'd love to have someone(s):) to talk to. I estimate she has about 2-3 months to live. My heart is breaking in two. Thanks for your support and love and friendship in advance.

(BTW, I chose the "Thumbs Up" Icon because that is her signal to me when I say or do something right, or understand something she has said---when not, I get the "International Sign of Discontent" (no, we have not lost our sense of humor, but sometimes it is strained). Her "Thumbs Up" to me also signifies she is doing OK.

Thanks for listening.
Hello Alsfriend,

Sorry to hear about your friend but your faithness is commendible. Too many times, sickness splits people up. Sounds like you two have the right idea to make this disease bearable. Attitude,, it's all about keeping a good one,, taking it one day at a time and enjoy what you can still do,, istead of dwelling on what ya can't do. I'm a big believer in prayer,, so i will say one for the both of you. Hang in there, and cherish every moment that you still have.
Love and Prayers
Everybody should have a friend like you.
True friends are priceless when faced with this disease. My dad spends most of his days at home watching tv and his favorite times are when his buddies come for a visit. There are 3-4 "regulars" that have made his days and weeks so much better. Then there are the friends that are just too uncomfortable with this and no longer visit. Some still write letters though and that is nice too, but not the same as a face to face visit. The ones who still visit my dad have left such an impression on my heart and I am so grateful to them. I commend all the friends out there who stick by a PALS side through thick and thin.

Dear ALSfriend:

I read your post and somewhat understand your note. Although, I am only three months into my best friend's ALS. We have been friends for 22 years, in each others weddings, had our babies at the same time, and so much more.
You are looking for strength to keep going with your friend and I know you will find it. I hope every day that I will keep finding the strength to help my friend along. You have come this far, Been there for her up until this point. It will be hard, but I know you will do it, and I will too.

I am looking in many directions to find my strength. I look from within mostly, but also look to my other friends, my children's smiles and here on the forum. Where would you find a more understanding group of people than right here? Al will make you laugh, just when you need it. His strength shows in every post he writes. Sandy (hope) lets you know that you are allowed to feel lousy, sad, mad and overwhelmed. You can feel the love and devotion that Sandy feels for her husband and that reminds me of how deeply I feel for my friend and her family. Marlo and Granny, send their prayers and support through each of their posts, even though they themselves are living with this every day.

Good luck finding the strength you need to be there for her until the end. I will think of you and hopefully that will help give you a bit of strength.

Barb :|

First, I am sooo very sorry to hear about your best friend. I too have a friend w/ ALS, he will have had it 3 yrs in October. It is hard to see this happening to someone you love, but we have to be strong for them (which is hard to do sometimes). Anytime you need to talk I am here. Stay strong & God Bless.

HI and welcome to this forum. I am really touched by your story.. stay blessed. you are brave.
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