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Dec 7, 2004
Hi from moncton. i was diagnosed in june of 2004. until tHen i stupidly felt tHat i was just getting old and my weaknesses were normal. i was working in a Hardware store wHicH involves lots of walking, ladder climbing, and lifting. even last winter i was still playing old timers Hockey. now i can walk only witH tHe Help of a walker and stairs are a major obstacle. but we Have found tHat tHe main cHallenge is adjusting. my wife Has been a trooper and i depend on Her for many tHings. my greatest discovery Has been tHe existance of a 92 degree farenHeit tHerapy pool at tHe local ymca. i joined a class of artHritis sufferers for a bi-weekly "range of motion" exercises. tHis gets me out of tHe House and it allows me to do all kinds of stretcHing tHat i can't do at Home. tHe pool is four feet deep and we do most of tHe exercises witH a floatation device called a "noodle". it is not tiring but is very refresHing. i reccommend it to tHose wHo Have access to sucH a program. greetings to all, arnold
Hi arnold.glad you found us. we Have a pretty diverse but knowledgable group Here. some adventurous and some not so adventurous but all trying to get by witH a little Help from our friends to borrow a line from an old song. if you Have any questions don't be sHy. ask away. read some of tHe old posts. take care.

hi arnold,
welcome. we all justified our als as something else. mine was side affects of heart meds. after diagnosis my wife and children that could get away went to montego bay where like you i just floated in the water.

Not open for further replies.