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Jul 1, 2008
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I had some tests done at a neurologist office because i am experiencing fatigue, mainly in my legs. I am trying to understand something that the EMG showed... the person doing the test said that I have "decreased muscle recruitment" and I was too dazed by all that was going on to ask for further explanation. Can anyone explain this to me? When he listened to the muscles, as if an antenna were hooked up (he explained), he said he couldn't hear anything. I have a month until my next visit and until blood tests come back, so any explanation would be much appreciated.
hello lil flower.

i dont know very much about muscle tests/emgs.
if you go to the als forum this als ,someone like wright will be able to give you the correct answer.
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lil flower,

I assume that you are in the process of being diagnosed. Are you having any difficulties moving your legs or do you only feel that your legs are fatigued? Do they both feel fatigued?

The terminology that was used for my mom when she had her EMG was "nerve damage". At that time my mom had no nerve damage.

I asked about the fatigue because that is one of my mom's complaints. She feels like her legs are physically exhausted even though she did not exert them.
I too have fatigue in my legs, they feel heavy. I would guess that maybe nerve damage is similar to what I am talking about with recruitment.

Lil Flower,

thanks for the link. I did not see any reference to fatigue and pain in the legs. However, I did see that if symptoms are due to neuropathy issue then there should not be any pain. My mom experiences deep throbbing pain.

When my mom does the exercise bike, she has some relief. The relief however does not last long. This to me means that it could be due to circulation, pinched nerve etc.

Do you have pain in your legs too or just fatigue? Is it both your legs or just one?
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