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Sep 4, 2005
Dear Pals, diagnosed 1/04, bulbar onset, i am looking forward to getting acquainted with all of you. and have found humor, wisdom, and good ideas in your posts. those three items are a necessity when stricken with als. i am glad to have found this forum.
Hi Dar:
We are looking forward to getting to know you too! To make things easy, since our little group has expanded from the little hamlet of Canada, maybe you could let us know what part of the world you are from. It helps when people respond to questions and requests.
Sorry you are here... chip or chirp in when you like!


Hi Dar,
Welcome. Hope you can find a good amount of help, comic relief and a place to vent your feelings in this place. I, too have bulbar ALS, diagnoised in 4/04. Hope we can help each other through this journey-the good parts and the bad!
Leah (Granny)

Welcome... I am sorry that you are going through this. You have found a place that will pick you up when you have hit the ground... This has become without a doubt my second family. My dad was diag, with limb onset 9/05. Although going through it for the past two and 1/2 years. We now have a name to this horrible thing that has been going on. I can tell you that if it was not for all of these wonderful people I would have not been so strong for dad through what we have learned... They are the best... Feel free to ask anything and if you have family members, friends, or anyone that is close to u that needs to talk this is the place for them as well...

God Bless and BELIEVE that a cure is on it's way.
Hi Dar. Glad to have you aboard. Jump in whenever you like.
Dar - sorry we had to meet under these conditions, but welcome to our group all the same! It certainly is a wonderful group of people. Melissa
Hey Dar,

Welcome to our group. Sorry you have to be here, but, you will find that we are not all that bad. Well, maybe some of us are, but are not saying! Anyway, let us know how you are doing, and please feel free to converse with us whenever you need to. We will all be here for you and your family. God Bless you.

Hi Dar,
I remember the first time I posted and I wasnt really sure what I was getting into but I knew I needed a support system. My post was answered quickly and the support and, knowledge and guidance have been with me ever since. You will find that these people turn out to be your second family that you can really count on especially on those days you dont know what to do, how to do it or even imagine if you can. We are all very open some of us very intelligent and sometimes just a little nutty. After reading some of my replies and other posts I go to bed with a smile on my face and that is so important now. Never ever feel alone again because we are all here for you and your loved one.
ALS About Loving Someone
Dear Pals,

thank you for the warm welcome. i live in northeast ohio. my als symptons began may 03 and diagnosed 1/04. my progression is monitored at cleveland clinic. the only limb i have left is my left arm/hand and even that is limited. we are celebrating our 25th anniversary this month. and have a 16 year old son. i am very glad to have this forum, as questions are forming in my mind. canadians really dont hate americans, do they.

No we don't hate anyone. We thought Americans hated Canadians. We are really nice people and our Peacekeeping troops are spread all over the world. Actually a Canadian is an American with health care. LOL Welcome.
Hi Dar:
Nope we don't hate Americans... or anyone for that matter... although Ohio was one of those red states wasn't it... just kidding! You type well with what you have left... although, like archie the cockroach (poet) caps are a challenge. Happy anniversary and welcome.


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