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Aug 24, 2007
Can anybody tell me how you get use to an AFO ? How do you walk? i cant figure out with the ankle stiff how you can walk ? I may have to get one and im wandering all the questions . What kind to get? How to use ? Ive been doing the foot drop trip dance if you know what i mean LOL . So i'll be calling my Neuro i geuss, and going to an orthopedist ? Ive seen some that are adjustable and some that are'nt. Help Geo
I never got used to mine. Someone, was it Judith?, said she has a carbon fiber one. The people that I went to were Hanger Orthotics. They made a cast of my foot and leg up to just below the knee. Then sent it off to get made. When it came back they did some alterations where it looked like it was rubbing my foot. They have you were it a few hours each day increasing the amount of time until you can where it all day.

When I got mine I had to find a shoe the da** thing would fit in. I ended up going back to Hanger Orthotics and they order a pair of athletic shoes. The one without the brace has to have several insoles in order to fit my normal foot.

There was really no problem getting used to walking in it. I finally feels like you're walking somewhat normal again. However, it does feel a little heavy.

Anyway, the da** thing hurts. It's hard plastic. You put hard plastic in your shoe, it's gonna hurt. I'm going to look into the carbon fiber one.

If I were you, I'd stay away from the plastic one.

Happy hunting.
I have to buy new shoes ? Too ? This is sounding like a pain in the B-- tt . I like my New Balance shoes dont think i'll switch .This sounds expensive . Wander if Insurance pays for new shoes being that it has to be part of the orthotics ?otherwise you waste 1 pair of shoes .Geo
Seriously, I cannot believe the problems you guys have had to go through with AFOs. I LOVE MINE! I have the carbon fiber ones and they are wonderful. From the first day. I'd sleep in mine if I could. Mine are manufactured by ToeOFF. Just google ToeOFF. I just found an image at Camphealthcare. I know this site is touchy about URLs so I didn't add it. I need to take a picture of mine to give people the idea. Good luck and try again - they are great.

We're touchy about url's but you've been around long enough that I'm pretty sure you're not going to sell any crap here. If it's a good helpful site for PALS or CALS then there's usually not a problem posting a site.
I found my AFOs a little heavy and clunky at first. Mine are plastic/hinged at the ankles. It took about two weeks until I could walk comfortably in them. Someone else here recently suggested lining the AFOs with moleskin if you have problems with them rubbing. You can pick that up at your local pharmacy. I did go up a size with the shoes; but, it was a small price to pay. I'm glad I'm not dragging around like I used to be - that was exhausting and the risk of falling was much greater.
you guys really shouldn't be having so much trouble with your afo's. i went to a orthotic dr. he measured my foot , came back ten seconds later with the carbon afo, slid it in my shoe and i was walking. i did have to buy bigger shoes because i didn't realize my foot grew 2 sizes.
Hi all -

Regarding the AFO's. My PALS found her terrific - the basic plastic ones worked for her. As far as rubbing - she did have to wear socks that came up to her knees to prevent chafing. She did not need new shoes - just removed the insole from her old ones.

She tried carbon fiber. It gave a little extra lift, which she liked. They were also a bit lighter. But unfortunately it broke nearly immediately and there went $1500.00! She went back to her plastic ones.

We are now past her ability to use them - but they gave her 2-3 years of mobility with very few problems.

As far as walking in them - it was intuitive - not hard at all. It prevented her foot from dragging and she was much more stable. She drove, took care of her own house and her dogs - no problems and lots of plusses!

Good luck! Beth
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