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Aug 10, 2005
Yes I do understand this and appreciate your feedback. The problem is that he has no choice but to work. It seems that for the past month or so it has really caught up with him. The stange thing is he is recharging he has to be cause the person he is at midnight is not the same person he is at 7am....


Midnight dad is not walking well at all... 7am - 7pm he is walking the same way he did a year ago or more... &pm - whenever it is he falls asleep he is walking very slow, very off balenced and holding onto everything for support.

7am - 7pm he is speaking slow the same he has for the past year or more. However, from 7pm - 11pm he is slower, a bit slurred, and nasel as if he is struggling to get the words out.... 11pm - whenever he falls asleep it is all the above plus horse.....

So one would think that his battery does charge and then it needs recharging over night...

Out problem is how do we help him with this. He is so cranky in the evening, he goes into his room to go to bed and can not and will not sleep.. He lays down and then 2min later you hear why me why I CAN"T SLEEP.... This happens at least three times a week. When I say we are going to have to schedule a sleep study, or get medication he turns to say I sleep fine I just have way to much on my mind and I can't get things done like I want to.

With this being said I begin to drill him are you breathing fine, do you feel like your not getting enough air, are your legs cramping, all sorts of things come out of my mouth and then I can see that I am causing him to be more stressful and he has sort of like a panic attack where he has to get up and do something and he is on the verge of crying and or yelling at me.... As a daughter that loves her dad so much I am between a rock and a bigger rock and I don't know what to do...

Could it be breathing? I mean if that was the case then he would not be able to fall asleep some nights normal, or any other night when he is ready correct? Also if you could see what he does on the sofa from 8:00 pm -11:00pm every night all crunched up snoring with his mouth open as according to mama he has been doing since he was 40 years old he must be fine cause I know I would not be able to breath in this curnched up position.... So what can this be?

Bottom line he is fatigued and he is feeling the back lash cause he knows he is walking different at night, speaking different at night, sighing all night, and just cranky....

HELP please HELP!
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