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Oct 21, 2006
Hi all. I'm new to the forum, and new to als. Was just diagnosed in September after symptoms for a year. Started with weakness in right leg, now spread to both legs. I'm on a walker most times now but still use a cane around the house. I'm still working as a self employed accountant. I am in the process of cheking out where and how to get a wheel chair and handicap van for future so I'll be prepared. Thanks for the posts on wheel chairs, and what to look for. My name is Jerry and I live in Texas. Still trying to figure out what I can do for fun in my condition. Any suggestions?
Welcome Jerry. Sorry you have to be here but glad you found us. Depends on what you like doing for fun. I went on a cruise, went skydiving and got in a few dives in Florida before breathing went crappy. Saw Vegas, the Grand Canyon and a couple of other not so notable places. Do what you can while you still have mobility. My GP told me to make a list of things that I'd always wanted to do and start doing them. Money is an issue as well but sometimes that can be worked around as well. Look at each day as a new experience and try to be upbeat and look at the good things in your life. AL.
Hello Jerry. So sorry to hear about your DX. Your request though, is somewhat valdiating for me. I am still waiting for a DX but, while friends and family feel terrible for me, I am busy trying to find ways to have fun. People ask me how I can be planning trips and trying to get outside as much as I can even though I don't have strength to row a canoue or weed a garden. What's interesting to me is how many PALS seem more focused on their life than their illness. For an idea of what I mean, go to the thread "What keeps you going" It starts with a heavy question but ends with funny stories and jokes.

Anyway, thanks for the viewpoint and let us know what you decide to do!
Hello Jerry & welcome My husband has ALS can not walk, left arm has failed right arm going can not sit up with our support. Now keeping all that in mind do everything you used to do for fun. Keep doing it until you cant do it any more have family & friends just "figure it out" Thats what I do for Ben (my husband) he loves his motorcycles & boats we were able to go on the boat this year took a lot of us to load him in but we did it. God willing I'm thinking of getting a trike (3 wheel motorcycle) for the spring. Do it all before you cant do it no more. Keep the faith

New Jersey
Hi donnah. Friends of mine have a Gold Wing with a sidecar. She took me for a ride on the back in Sept and I was supposed to get out in the sidecar before it snowed but it's snowing here tonight so I'm not sure if I'll get my ride before spring. I think the sidecar is easier to get into than on the back so you might want to give a Gold Wing a thought. This is in no way an advertisement for Honda Motorcycles but I haven't seen any other models with the same type of sidecar. AL.
GrampAl Harley Davidson has a side car. He would not get on a Honda he would shot me. LOL your the best

Thanks for all your imput. So...I went out and bought a Harley. No! Just kidding. I did buy a lift chair though. I decided that since I like to watch TV, especially football games on weekends, I might as well get a chair I can get in and out of.
I noticed you posted this just before the Cowboys kick off. Hope you enjoy the chair. AL.

Missed the face mask penalty as I was in the bathroom for a few minutes. I have a friend that's into Nascar so when I go to his place I watch it but don't actually follow it. Like Motorcycle Road Racing though.
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How did u like the face mask penalty.......

u like NASCAR?
Ways to have fun

Hi Jerry,

There are lots of things you can do for fun in a wheelchair or scooter. You will find the wheelchair van greatly extends your freedom and access to enjoyment as your mobility decreases. I can walk with a walker but only for a few hundred feet. What I get the most fun out of now is running my dog with my scooter. Either I go from home down a trail I had built for my scooter through the woods at the back of my place, or down the road (I live in the country) or I pack the dog aboard my hand control-equipped van, take my big scooter, and drive to one of several dozen accessible trails that follow our streams and rivers and circle our lakes. My 11 month old pup loves to run and my scooter cruises at 10 km/hour so he and I are in our glee. Today we passed a puffing jogger on one of the trails and I wanted to ask him how he felt being passed by an old man in a wheelchair and an 11 month old jogger:mrgreen:. On Hallowe'en I got home from work about dusk and found a cow moose standing at my front door. I chased her on my scooter down the path into the woods and that was fun too. Don't think I would have tried that with a bull this time of year though.

I also had raised beds built in my back garden and get great pleasure in gardening from my scooter. Finally, one thing I still really enjoy is sea kayaking. Of course that takes a few friends to put my kayak on the roof rack and to get it and me to the shore at our departure point. But once at sea it's just like old times. My pup rides in the rear hatch too. Now if I can just figure out a way to ski again I'll be all set.
Hey John-you are my new role model! It is great to know that, where there is a will, there is a way. I will have to think about taking Sampson for a walk in a scooter, though. He is an English Mastif weighs about 120 pounds. He stands mid-chest on me, and tried to sit in my lap like a toy poodle. I can just imagine how he will react to a chair with wheels--he will probably think his days of walking his own self are over for good! LOL.
Hi Cindy,

I would say with Sampson you won't even need a battery in your scooter. But seriously, he may surprise you. Chewbacca (Chewie) is small, only about 15 lbs, but I also walk a really high energy dog, Rocky, belonging to a friend who weighs about 40 lb (dog, not friend). It took him a few times to figure out the scooter and to avoid getting run over by it but now he just runs ahead on the left side and loves it. It took both dogs a while to learn which side of trees and poles to run on but after a couple of sore necks they figured it out. A long retractable leash is a must to keep the leash taut and avoid tangling with the scooter.

If I find myself in heavy traffic, going through tight places or through buildings (I take Chewie to my office most afternoons) he rides on board. He has a command "aboard" that he knows and follows. You might have a problem getting Sampson on with you although Rocky can squeeze onto the floor of my big scooter.

Walking dog with scooter or wheelchair

I walk my cocker spaniel all the time with my motorized wheelchair and she loves it. I use one of those leases that auto rewind and go out about 20 feet. That way when a car comes by or another person I can reel her in. It's great fun for the both of us.

A few things to watch out for: cracks in pavement or sidewalk, angles of surface, dog getting hung up around wheelchair, other loose dogs chasing you down the street.

I started walking my cocker spaniel, smokey, because one day my wife was out walking smokey and she darted in front of a car and caused my wife to loose her balance and fall on a concrete curb. My wife broke her left leg (fibula) and ankle, blew out her right knee, and broke her wrist. Our puppy she was only about 6 months at the time tried to kiss her to make her stop crying.

It was during the day so most of our neighbors were gone to work, so my wife could not find anyone to help her home. So she walked 5 blocks to the house and collapsed in the living room. Usually I'm the one collapsing. She had surgery on right knee and cast on left leg and wrist, and decided she did not want to walk the dog anytime soon. So now that is my job.

By the way she is doing great now. Fully recovered. It happened about 6 months ago. Well good luck with your dog walks and be careful out there it's a jungle.

God Bless
Capt. AL
Boy Capt. Al Talk about a train wreck. If it wasn't for bad luck you wouldn't have any at all.
Cowboy game

Yes I watched the Cowboy game but my lift chair didn't arrive till monday so I had to watch it from the bleachers. When TO laid in the end zone using the football as a pillow, I thought finally, here's something I can do. Especially for a few million dollars. Why does Dallas always get the wierdos?
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