New symptoms that have me extremely worried

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Please go ask your dad these questions. It's beyond disrespectful to continue to ask terminally ill people if you have ALS (which you don't), instead of asking your dad who is apparently an ALS expert. It's time to leave this discussion behind you and go with what your dad says.

Good luck to you.
In the report, it is mentioned that you had exactly one fasciculation in the second muscle that has you so worried. But here's the important part: even if you had a boatload, it wouldn't matter. Nor does the polyphasia mentioned. The abnormalities that are seen in ALS aren't there. And no, given the issues you feel, they're not going to show up later -- the fascics are not some kind of prodromal stage. While I realize the urge to Google is strong, so is the urge to eat dessert instead of dinner. I imagine you can resist that urge most of the time.

I can only assure you, as can your dad, as did this neuro, that there's nothing in your history or tests that suggests ALS. If he is in the field, he has seen health anxiety before and can refer you to someone who can help.

As for the twitches, many people find that tweaks in their diet, hydration, workouts, stretching, stress, and sleep can help. I'll bet you can, too.
I have no idea how this has stumbled onto two pages.

"Reasonable suggestion. For some reason it seems easier to ask strangers on the internet but that makes sense."

More than reasonable. Thanks for the donation, I'd bet your father would be proud that you have unless
he has read your thread and the replies from very ALS knowledgeable members.

Golly, you're 37 years old.... your thread is somewhat typical to what we get from 18 year olds.

Hope your worry of ALS can be finally put to rest.

PS. From your second reply...
"Maybe there's the problem, maybe I need treatment for anxiety as a primary issue."

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Thanks a lot to all of you taking your time to help worried people.

I am just posting an update to track how I am doing. I was doing much better, still twitching but seemed to be decreasing and feeling less worried. I went on a vacation and was hiking and carrying luggage and felt fine. So I tried to get back into exercising and that seems to have made things a lot worse after pushing it a bit too much over the last week (although I *could* exercise about the same as before). I have now for a few days had really pronounced twitching as well as a buzzing tingling feeling in the calves and inner thigh area (ie. which could fit with S1-S2 nerve distribution). As well as occasionally some burning pain.

So I am still waiting for my MRI but this certainly seems maybe consistent with some kind of spinal issue - or maybe just explained by BFS, from what I have read tingling is very very common and calf involvement is very very common with BFS. I am not sure what to make of it, it's been a very distressing and stressful experience for me. While I am not totally worry free I am definitely less worried that this is something horrible than when this started

I really feel true sorrow for those of you with that horrible disease or those who have lost family to it. You have my profound and deeply felt sympathy.
I'm glad you realise you don't have ALS symptoms.
Just post here once you do get a diagnosis as it will be helpful for others that worry about twitching no matter what we tell them.
All the best.
Yes I will. I can't say that I have "zero" worry but I recognize that there are many things that would be extremely highly atypical for ALS

I will post when I have a confirmed diagnosis and thanks again to all of you
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