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Dec 12, 2006

I had started a few threads some weeks ago with concern and now am exhibiting new
symptoms so any thoughts are helpful. Let me just summarize:

1) 3.5 Weeks ago - read about ALS, that day began to have fascics all over and still having today, very anxious and stressed..since that day have very intense loss of appetite. I am a 31 years, M and have lost a few lbs. as I have not been eating much,
not overweight.

2)1 week ago - same initial problems including: Not usually active so begain lifting weights lightly, both arms cramped severly for 3 days, could'nt even straiten out arms. Arms felt better so began constanly testing finger strength and observing my hands, clenching fists..thumb to finger etc. developed pain in left hand.

3) Went to family Dr. initially and gave me Xanax. Went to Neuro 5 days ago with new symptoms of a constant twitch at left hand 1st dorsal interoseous muscle after contraction upon relaxation (muscle between thumb and index finger at top of hand) and still hyperreflexes in all lower and upper limbs except no jaw jerk reflex, no babinski extensor, but absent babinski.

4) Here the thing, the muscle in the left hand looks and feels considerably smaller, my wife even notices it. I do not feel any weakness that I aware of. but with the twitching on and off throughout the day mostly in my thighs, arms, butt, calves, back and side(maybe one to five twitches at a time then disappearing) and the severe pain I feel sometimes..can't tell if the pain is in the bone or muscle or tendons..but i get the pain in my arms, fingers and legs badly when i feel it.. anyway have an EMG scheduled already.

Any thoughts at all would be nice.
Hello Robert. What did the Neuro say other than give you the test results? Does he suspect any form of Motor Neuron Disease or did he mention benign fasciculations? What did he say about the swallowing issues? Did he recommend an appointment with a throat specialist? AL.

Hi, The family Dr. ordered a barium swallow and thought maybe esophogeal web and the Neuro. agreed with that.. and has scheduled me for an EMG. and just said that my symptoms were concerning (speaking about the fascics and not mentioning BFS.)
Well that sounds a bit more encouraging. Not great but a bit better. AL.
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