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Nov 13, 2007
First I would like to say hello I have never posted anything before but have been reading a lot of your thread on here for quite sometime. My question is that my father got a peg tube put in yesterday it is now about 36 hours since the surgery and he can still barely sit up. He is in a lot of pain but not near the tube but in his lower abdomine. I was wondering if anyone has input on this? or if there is something I could do to make him more comfortable?
Any input would be helpful!
My mom was in much more pain than we expected after her PEG was inserted. 9-10 on the pain scale. That lasted for a couple of days and they kept giving her morphine, but we quickly realized that she would never get out of the hosp. on the morphine, so she stopped it. However, she was also very constipated after the surgery and was unable to go until, finally, a nurse was able to give her an enema. Maybe your dad is constipated? I wouldn't be surprised if he were afraid to go because it might hurt his incision. Is he at home already?
He is at home, where we live it is day surgery so he was sent home the same day with only a mild pain pill. It is now day 4 and he is still in a lot of pain but is finally receiving a stonger pain pill. But as for his bowel they haven't moved so maybe it is part of the problem. Thanks for your reply I was under the impression that this surgery was not as painful as it actually was I feel so helpless when there is nothing I can do to help.
Thanks again!
Hi Wendy....When my mom had the peg put in she was in hospital for 3 days post surgery. She was taking extra strength Tylenol for the pain. It took her about 10 days before she started to feel better. The constipation was a big problem at first and then continued to be a problem. We tried to keep it under control with prune juice and lactolose.
I heard that anytime they operate on the abdomen there might be lots of gas that finds its way down to the intentines. Hopefully your dad will be more comfortable in a couple of days...Cindy
Thanks for all your input it is very helpful to hear. I am glad to say that over the week end he has had a slight improvement and is looking better each day.:)
My sister, Kathy, had her tube put in last fall. It was very painful during her stay in the hospital. They pumped her stomach full of gas so she was in a lot of pain due to that. She could feel a gas bubble rising in her stomach, would feel it move toward the tube, and when it passed by the tube it was REALLY painful and sort of made the tube pop up like a turkey timer. I don't think her pain lasted all that long afterwards, however. I was sorry for a while that she had to go through all of that, but at this point, she can no longer swallow liquids like water (thicker is okay still) it's great to have the tube to keep her hydrated.

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