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Sep 27, 2006
Hi Y'all!

Apparently Hillary Swank's father has ALS...

She is in process of making movie from book titled "You're Not You."

Will this help in awareness for ALS? Only if Swank herself comes out to advocate and discuss her fathers illness! IMHO,1,6544772.story

Edit: Not Swank's father, but Alison Greenspan's from DiNovi Pictures

Still hope this brings awareness.
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movie re: ALS

Thank you for letting us all know about this upcoming movie.

Could you let us know when you notice it is released as I don't follow the movies.

I just said to my husband this week that if this disease touched the movie industry, actors etc., we would see a movement for big money for a closer chance for more research for a cure.

Of course I do not wish this disease on anyone, just need more support from the
wealthy to help in research.

Has anyone seen the movie "Tuesdays with Morrie'? It's about a Professor who is diagnosed with ALS and one of his students from years ago comes every Tuesday to see him. Good Movie if you haven't seen it.


Hi there, I read the book it's a "True Story" by Mitch Albom. It was very good. Did you read Augie's Quest Mitch Albom wrote the foward. Augie Nieto's story of his life with ALS. He has donated hundreds of thousands dollars for research etc. for ALS. Read it if you have the time. My Best to you, Beebe.
Yes, Mitch Album has done a wonderful job. So, ya know, there are movies out there. There is another one I can't remember right off it was on lifetime i believe a few years ago. I believe she has since passed away. The girl with ALS that lived in NY and she was a producer and her sisters took care of her? Maybe, another and another and another etc movie is what it will take to make people take notice.....
I've read the book "You're Not You" by Michelle Wildgen.

I wrote to the author to ask if she had known someone with ALS because her story
is so real. As I read the book I kept thinking "this author must have experienced caring for (or at least watching someone else care for) a PALS because of the details that are in the book. So far I've not received a reply.

It will be interesting to compare the movie to the book.

I also liked the book written by Morrie. I think it is called "letting Go."
ISBN-10: 0330371096
ISBN-13: 978-0330371094

Also "rowing Without Oars" by Ulla-Carin Lindquiist.
ISBN-10: 0143038672
ISBN-13: 978-0143038672
Donna, the book you're thinking of is "Tales from the Bed." I can't remember her name, now, but her foundation got lots of celebrities involved including Ben Stiller. I didn't know it was a movie. Heck, I didn't know "Tuesdays w/ Morrie" was a movie, either.

Okay, her name is Jenifer Estess, and she and her sisters started Project A.L.S.,

There was also a movie called "At the end of the Day" the Sue Rodriguez story. Stars Wendy Crewson and Al Waxman. It was very well done. Also saw the movie about the Coach in California with ALS. I don't recall the name of the movie. The wife was played by the actress that was on MORK & Mindy with Robin Williams. We need to gather a library of Movies and books. I mentioned this before but for the new PALS & CALS. The book written by Dennis Kaye " Laugh, I thought I'd Die. My Life with ALS.
"This is an inspiring book, full of observation and good sense, written by a man with courage" Quote Stephen Hawking. The book has a foreword by Peter Gzowski who used to interview him on his radio show. It is highly recommended reading.
Thank you MaMaSara! It was right on the end of my tongue! lol. This is neat, we Are getting a collection of books and movies going, which some I have not seen or read so thanks!

Love and Prayers to all
Yesterday on Regis and Kelly, Julianna Margulies was on promoting her new show Canterbury's Law and she mentioned that she and Bryant Gumbel are servers for a fundraiser called Sapa that raises money for ALS.

Pam B in Va
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