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Oct 31, 2005
Good Day to all:
I have just found this forum and activated my account. I am struggling with finding out that it is likely that my 39 year old friend has ALS. There was a question of ALS or MMN, but all of the tests ( anti-G blood titers as well as a course of immunoglobulin therapy) have not pointed to MMN.
His EMG has shown involvement in all four extremities( pronounced nerve damage). Currently his symptoms include bilateral hand weakness, fatigue, and some muscle tone depreciation. It started in late April with diificulty holding a bottle in his right hand and by June involved in left hand as well. His legs, hands and chest twitch and he has experienced weakness occassionally in his legs. Currently there are no bulbar signs. I am wondering if anyone knows of other possible diagnoses that mimic ALS. Lyme's disease has been ruled out.
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