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Apr 3, 2007
Hi, I just found out about this sight and wanted to join in. I was diagnosed with ALS in Dec. 05, I am 47 and married with 2 children, ages 23 and 26. I am blessed that my ALS is progressing slow at this time. I started having problems with my right leg in Feb. 05 and then my right hand, since then it has moved into my left arm and leg. I am still mobile to some extent, but its pretty ugly at times, I'm on a walker most of the time and have a power chair for any long moves. I am currently going to the MDA/ALS clinic in Houston, TX., they are great. Look forward to talking to some of you.
I Am A New Member Too. My Husband Is Not Dx Yet But His Has Started In His Right Leg. His Is Familial Als. Although He Has Has Problems Over The Last Few Years It Was Attributed To Age. He Is 57. If His Goes Like The Rest Of His Family We Don't Have Alot Of Time Left. His Cousin Was Dx In Lubbock And Then Went To Huston For Confirmation On The Insistance Of Her Mom. She Passed In Feb This Year. His Sister Was Dx In Aug Of 2001 And Passed In Feb Of 2002. The Rest Of The Cases Are Men And They All Passed 1 Year From Dx. As I Am Sure You Can Tell My Heart Is Breaking. I Am Now Trying To Pick Myself Up And Have A Good Attitude But It Is Hard. God Bless You And Your Family. I Am Hoping That This Site Brings Some Comfort To You. It Has Helped Me Alot Just Reading. Sincerely Pat
Hi bdyle. Welcome and glad you've found us. Jump in anytime.
bdyle -

Welcome to the forum. It's nice to meet you, even though the circumstances aren't so hot. I was diagnosed in 11/06 and I'm still getting used to this. Wondering if any of us ever really get used to this. But it's an amazing thing having folks just like us to share our experiences with. Makes the load seem a little lighter.

Hello, sorry to hear about your family members, I will be praying and hope that something else will be wrong in your husbands place besides ALS. I don't mean that in a bad way either. My ALS is the spordiac, no other case in my family, I told Mom leave to me to get something like this. I am a child of GOD and I believe that he has a purpose for everything he sends our way. I ask that you pray for me as I advance thru this disease that GOD will give me the grace I need to stay close to him and accept what ever he sends our way. GOD bless you and your family.
Hi Al, thanks for the welcome, look forward to talking.
Hi Liz, don't know if anybody could get use to this, I just take it one day at a time and try to enjoy my family to the fullness.
Hi bdyle, You are and inspiration and I will pray for you and your family. Thank you for your words of kindness. My husband and I have discussed the the time, or lack of, and we are going to enjoy each other more and our kids and grandchildren, not that we haven't in the past but it is even more important now. So we are making our plans for the summer. We like to take the grandchildren on vacation and this year we are taking them to Diamond Crater in Arkansas. We are all looking forward to that. Gotta go now. God bless you and yours. Sincerely Pat
Hi, family means a lot, and I thank God that I've been blessed with a good one. Not a grandpa yet, trying to stick around to be one and want to be one so we can spoil them. Sounds like you have a great family to, good luck planning your vacation and enjoy. Me, the wife and daughter are going to DC next month for the national ALS ADVOCACY, thats all we've planned so far. Nice to here back from you. God bless, Billy
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