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Feb 21, 2007
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new mexico
Well I am a 23 year old male and I have been having real bad muscle spasms, cramps in my legs sometimes arms and lately my neck. I also have bad cramps under my chin when I yawn sometimes. The spasms feel like they are fluttering; like when you hold a ballon at the end and let air out a little at a time and I can actually see my skin flutter. I also notice when I am writing my forearm and hand get tired and cramp up at times and my hand will shake. If I cross my leg or have my hand extended for a short time it hurts, falls asleep real fast and gets fatigued.
I am also real tired a lot lately, especially when I walk;my thighs, calves and knees feel as if they wanna give out, sometimes its painful not sharp pain but a stinging pain in muscle spots.
I have also realized that my muscles seem to be shrinking; but my strength as far as I can tell has not been affected that much. However, when I do something that needs strength It hurts/stings. I have lost about 22 pounds; without changing diet.
I went in for an EEG and it was normal getting an MRI and referral to neurologists
Im worried and wondering if ALS can attack the body this fast it all started in my right leg about 7 months ago it would give out at times especially when i ran or something of the sort; now I am starting to have these symptoms all over my body
Any feedback would be really appreciated
Thanks in advance
Magnus, your really young for ALS. Almost unheard of, but anything is possible.

It's more than likely something else. Have you been checked for Mysthenia Gravis? How are your muscle twitches, are they like worms or pops?' Do you have any real weakness or excercise induced?

You should look into a MDA clinic. There are sponsored MDA clinics on the MDA website, if you are in the US.

There are many other muscle disorders that show at a young age. Chances are, it's something else. I would look for an MDA ALS clinic, this way, you go straight to the top and eliminate your concerns.

Good luck
Thanks fo rthe response. No I havent been checked for Mysthenia Gravis, my Doctor just started the referral this past monday to a Neurologist and put in an order for an MRI. The twitches are like pops I guess; if I look at the site that is twitching I can see my clothes move. I havent exercised in about 5 months due to the weakness, my arms and legs just feel really fatigued.
I also noticed these big indentations below me wrist that werent there before; not the two tendons. The tops of my hands now have these indentations too.
Im just worried and tired of my muscles spasms and cramps

I would like to know how to go to one of these clinics. We have one here in Albuquerque, New Mexico; but I dont know if I just call or what. I have University Insurance and really restricted in what it will cover ETC

Thanks again for teh feedback
fellow New Mexican

Magnus, Depending on your insurance you may need to have a referral from your G.P. The University Hospital has a good als clinic and that is where everyone in the state goes[ I'm from Silver City], they know their stuff there from what I've heard. It does take a while to get an appt, though. Also it takes awhile to get an als diagnosed so hang in there it may be something else. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I'm usually online late in the evenings. I've had the disease about two yrs. and am 58 yrs. old. Barry
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