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Michael FM

Apr 15, 2006
I registered with the Forum yesterday and I'm saddened by all the anger and suffering going on in people with ALS. I feel for those who see themselves as trapped in their quickly decaying bodies and feel victimized by their situation. This must be a very Hellish place to be living in.

I found out I had ALS two years ago and I have embraced my situation as a blessing to me. I believe we've come to earth to learn and grow spiritually. Everything that comes to us is a part of our lesson plan. Having ALS is a major course for us.

However, if we don't see life as a gift to help us evolve and instead, see life as a passing opportunity to just have fun, then having ALS will surely be Hell.

Making the shift from the perspective that life is here to enjoy to the perspective that life is here to teach us, is available to all of us and can transform Hell into a place of peace, reverence, and love.

To me, ALS is an alarm for me to wake up spiritually and I am blessed to have had this alarm go off in me. My life has turned upside down and also I recognised resources for waking up made themselves available to me in the forms of books, people, workshops, breakdowns, and so on. It's as though my embracing ALS sent out a request to the universe to teach me what I need to learn and the universe responded big time!

You would not believe the growth I have experienced spiritually. I now have no fear of death, in fact, I'm looking forward to it! I live my days with a much deeper awareness of myself in the spiritual universe which is my loving home.

I will contribute to my beloved partners with ALS. Loving you is a large part of my growing. I DO love you.

Michael FM
As I said in a recent posting I am happy that you have found the way. I am not sure if it would work for all of us and would hope that you are not a religous zealot that has come here to provoke fear and dismay among our fellow sufferers or lucky people as you infer in your posts. We all deal with illness and religion in our own way so I would suggest that it is good for you to feel lucky to have ALS but as we used to say in the flying business Don't push the envelope.
Thank you, Al, for your response. I'm sure many people share your concern about me being a religious zealot. I'm happy to say, No, I'm not here to provoke fear and dismay as if we should fear the wrath of God. No way. I want to share my perspective because it offers a place to stand in which one sees oneself within a spiritual universe that is here for the evolvement of humans collectively. There is a vast body of knowledge available to us that describes this spiritual universe and it is called Anthroposophy or spiritual science. Studying this knowledge provides a huge detailed picture of humans' spiritual evolvement. After studying it for a while and in conjunction with an event I won't go into now, I found myself within the huge spiritual picture. I no longer see myself as just another person trying to get by in life in which I seek pleasures and avoid hardships. I'm here to grow spiritually which I'm sure sounds weird to many people but from the perspective of spiritual science, it fills my life with a purpose that transcends my selfish needs and fears. I cannot explain this purpose simply so I won't go there now.
I have much compassion for the fear and suffering in people with ALS and yes, we all have our own ways of dealing with our situations. I am offering to those who are intersted, this body of knowledge which I believe greatly broadens one's perspective to where life takes on new meaning and so does having ALS which for some will become regarded as a gift to further spiritual growth.
It is important for me to say that the suffering experienced from ALS serves in one's spiritual evolvement in that it builds spiritual strength for one's next life. Yes. Spiritual science includes knowledge about reincarnation.
It is difficult to describe spiritual science with so few words. Believe me, there are many more words available for those who are interested.
Bye for now, Michael FM
As I said earlier we all deal with life in different ways. The good thing about living in North America is we still have the right to our opinons as long as we don't get silly about it. I don't mean just you but the population in general terms. If we get too goofy the men in white coats come to get us.Are they protecting us or themselves.? That can be a whole new topic in itself but it's after 3 here so I'm off to bed. Good night. Take care.
What is the point of your post? Do you think I am silly or too goofy? Please clarify.
Geez I knew you'd take that the wrong way. If you could go back and read sentence 3 of my post. I was speaking in general terms and am sorry you thought I was singling you out. It wasn't intended. But that said I will again ask you to look at your post. In it you say that many people find your ideas weird. I didn't say that you did. What I said also was that we have free speech unless we start getting goofy. I didn't say anyone was but we have had a few here. I hope this clarifies my position.
I hope it is okay to say this but I am sorry I am angry and I am upset and frightened and any other word that goes with pain and grief I own them all. This disease hurts and it hurts deeply. I respect your view and your feelings but if you do not mind I really feel that in know way shape or form this illness has any positive sides to it at all. Every day I hold my loved one close to me and I cry with him I laugh with him and I get frightened with him. We have been together many years and it is breaking my heart every moment of the day to be going through this with someone I love with all my heart and soul. He is my best friend. Every time he hurts I hurt deeply. I see nothing and I mean nothing positive about being this. We have always been very close and we did not need an illness to become closer. I wake up crying and I go to bed crying. Every day a piece of my heart feels like it is being pulled away from me. Please forgive me if you think I am rude or disrespectful here I do not mean to be but I have to be honest your post truly hurts to read.

Sandy as I said to Michael we can say whatever we need to say here within reason. No one looks down on anyone here or at least I don't think they do. Your post was very heartfelt and I am sure most of us agree with you. This isn't fun and if 99.9% say it ain't fun I'm gonna go with the flow. It's not fun and while I respect Michael's opinion there is no way he would ever convince me that this is a blessing. In less politically correct times we would have said that's nuts. Each to his own way with coping. It's like the guys who come to your door preaching their brand of religion. Sorry no thanks not interested. Closed minded? Maybe. But I still have control of My mind.
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Hi Al, Thanks for explaining what you meant. I found that I was rather sensitve because I was a new member and I was sticking my neck way out by describing my unusual spiritual foundation. I was hoping to hear from others with similar orientations and that some people would hear a ring of truth in it and request to hear more about it.
Bye for now, Michael
Dear Sandy,
Thank you for being so honest with me. Your words touched me deeply and I feel for you and your beloved partner. I honor the very hurtful feelings you and he are experiencing. I am sorry that my post was written in such a way that it caused you more hurting. Believe me, I'm learning a lot the hard way about communicating effectively. Your honesty has been very helpful in waking me up to the inner life of those who are suffering horribly from this dreaded disease. I feel much compassion for you and your partner. Love, Michael FM

I just read that post. thats not a very good post in my eyes i am not waiting for death i am fighting it. and all that love how can you love me? (or Al for that matter hes planning a take over. lol lol)

best wishes kim
Glad everyone understands each others points and it looks like we'll all have a better day for it.

It was kind of you to respond to my post but it is okay. In my post I did say to you that I respect your feelings and your opinion, it is okay. We all have our own feelings and views on what we are living in. There is no need for you to apologize to me. I was just expressing how hearing the words you posted hurt, it is not your fault that it hurts it is how I feel. If this is how you are coping with ALS then that is your way and if this helps you then that is what is important. We all find our own ways in dealing with what we are in. I just wanted to say that for me I feel differently. It is horrible for us. Our son cries every day and not only does it break our hearts but watching your child feel this pain is truly heartbreaking. When you are a parent you never want your child to feel pain. When they are little and they scrape their knee you put a bandage on it and give them a hug letting them know it is okay. This pain you cannot put a bandage on it. The hugs are there yes but even the hugs will not take away the pain.

Michael I know what we are all in is devastating. I know you see this in a different way. I am sorry, for me there is nothing in this whole world worse than what we are now living. My heart goes out to everyone here. Everyone here is kind and caring and we try to help each other cope. I am happy for you that you have been able to accept what you are in. I personally will never be able to do that. I would be lying if I said I could.

Every day we laugh as hard as we cry. We do our best to keep a smile and a positive attitude. Sadly though the mountain is a very high one to climb, but I will climb that mountain and I will probably fall down on that mountain but I will take care of my loved one. My heart I admit is breaking every moment of the day but I will make our life as wonderful as I can make it.

In life we all cope in different ways, your way does not mean it is the wrong way, it just means it is not my way and that is okay. My heart goes out to you too, I am sorry you have this illness.

My heart, too, breaks more and more every day when I think about what ALS is doing to my sister and her friends and family. ALS is such a horrible unfair with no way to really fight it.

It's great if the thought of an afterlife puts you at peace and if your faith is strong. I can not imagine looking forward to death...that's just not where I'm at right now in my's not in my comfort level.

Michael FM

I am glad this is working for you. But, your posts only makes me feel so much worst. I feel so much weaker now that I don't have the strength to cope so well.

Spud (Terri)
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