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Carol Weir

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May 15, 2003
Hi everyone, I am a new member. My husband was diagnosed with ALS March 2000 at age 45. We have two daughters 18 and 20. Would like to hear from other caregivers for support etc. We live in a small community of 1000 people. My husband is the first ever ALS patient in this area. No support group, we are sort of in this alone, what we know about ALS we learned quickly on our own. It's been quite a ride and we are helping each other throught this with the help of God and our family.
hi carol just wanted to let you know your not alone my boyfriend was 47 when we found out he has als we also live in a small place with no support groups. i know its hard but know there is someone here that understands what your going through.
Hi Carol,

Welcome to the forum. Great place for support and answers to many, many questions. My hubby was 46 when he was Dx a year ago Feb. I hope you'll find great support here! Hang in there, we are all just a click away!
Welcome to the forum gloria and Minnesota.

Unfortunatly this is a very old thread started by Carol in 2003.
That was her only posting and she hasnt been here since a few days after posting, so i guess she wont see your postings.

But welcome to the forum again.

Hi Carol....welcome to the forum. I am relatively new here as well. My sister has had Als since 2003. She is now 47. She is in denial, so it's been difficult for her husband and myself(caregivers) as we can't be open with her about progression, treatments, etc. She just doesn't want to talk about any of it. That is why we can't get her any other support other than ourselves. I find this forum to be very helpful. The members really care and are on the same journey as you and your family. It doesn't take long for someone to respond to your questions and worries...they are all very knowledgeable. All the best....and God Bless.....Laurie Staller XO
Welcome, Carol. I'm sorry about your husband. My husband was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago at age 39. He has had a pretty typical progression and the disease is quite advanced. I hope you find some good information and a place to connect with other CALs here!
Carol posted this in 2003.
Hi my husband was diagnosed in dec- 2009 - Doc told him he has had it for 11-12 years was blamed on diabetese. but been rough haul but u will get loat oa answers on here this people are awesome.
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