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Mar 18, 2007
Hi All,.....After a year of symptoms I have finally received the diagnosis I so feared-ALS. My legs are very weak and I sometimes have slurring and hesitant speech. Also have problems with fine motor coordination in left hand but that's it so far. There are no support groups in my location. I happened upon the ALS forums and it is the happiest day I have had since learning I have ALS. So many of my questions have already been answered in your forum. I have had no connections with anyone with this disease so I am delighted. I was wondering if any of you have problems with bloating of the stomach. It seems no matter how little I eat the bloating starts and I feel really full too fast. Yikes! don't take eating away from me, too. Happy to meet you all and will probably have many more questions. Thanks!


Glad you found us - you are not alone. Whereabouts are you from?

Thanks for the Welcome

Hi Liz,.....I'm from New Jersey, age 65, ex-teacher and grandmother. Thanks for reply.
What part of new jersey? I am from Flemington new jersey
Hi Longsam2. Welcome. Are you on Rilutek? It caused stomach problems for me.
Al said:
Hi Longsam2. Welcome. Are you on Rilutek? It caused stomach problems for me.
Hello Longsam, nice to meet you. Welcome Edna May
Thanks, Al

Hi Al,.......thanks for the welcome:) I am not on Rilutek yet. Have to see if my insurance covers. Right now taking natural stuff rto protect the cells. I am not up for any nasty side effect at this point..I'm sure I'll have many more questions. Love your answers.

Thank you, Edna May and Liz for your warm welcome. I am from Brick, NJ. Am so glad to have people like you for support, Don't feel so lonely now. Family is grateful, too.
Welcome to the best place on the internet for ALS support LongSam2. No matter what your questions may be someone on here probably has an answer. We are here for you anytime.

God Bless
Capt AL
Hello my name is Donna and welcome to the forum. I live in Barnegat, New Jersey and my husband had ALS. He lost his battle in December but I still come here to see how everyone is doing. This is the best place on the plant to receive real answers to the problems that ALS patients have. We discuss everything! I mean everything. So ask away and if you need anything just give a yell I'm only down the street.

Hi Longsam2. I've always had gas and bloating problems even before this fun began and 2 weeks ago saw an ad on TV for yogurt with extra probiotics in it. They said take the 14 day challenge and see if your stomach is better. I tried it and it seems to help. I hated yogurt and puddings before but this stuff isn't bad. Got 16 for $8 at Wal-Mart. Might be worth a try.
Thanks, Donna

Hi Donna, sorry you lost your husband. Barnegat is not far from me at all. Nice area to visit and live. I'm very grateful for this site and will probably have a million questions as time goes on. I broke my ankle two days ago which is adding to our problems but we're hanging in. Sometimes I feel like a black cloudf is circling above me. Thanks for your encouragement. Sharon
Good advice, Al

Hi Al, thanks for the heads-up for the yogurt. I think I'll give it a shot. Nothing to lose by taking it. Will let you know how it works. Sharon
Welcome Longsam These Are The Best Forums To Get Feedback On Als And The Other Mnd, Make Friends, Vent, Etc.

I Feel So Glad I Found Them, If It Weren't For The People Here I Would Be Crazy By Now, My Husband Was Dx With Als 10/17/05.

Husband's Caregiver Dx 10/17/05
Baja California, Mexico
Thanks, Paty

Hi Paty,....thanks for the welcome. I go to the Forum every day to see if there's something that can help me and there usually is. They say you should know things in advance and because I have COPD I am interested in this Bipap support. I don't know how much my pulmonary guy knows about ALS and need to know information to converse with him about these procedures. The forum is doing this for me. I am so happy to have found it. Lots of luck to you and your husband. Sharon M.
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