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Apr 29, 2006
I am a new member whose brother was diagnosed 1 year ago with als.
We are looking for advice concerning the tremors he is experiencing.
There seems to be at least 2 tremor is "milder" and regular
(time intervals). Another is much more pronounced and can keep him awake
all night as they are accompanied by painful "charlie horses" it seems like anyl
muscle and at different times and consistent. Has anyone experienced these symptons..
and if possible found a way to slow down or decrease. I have heard that some medications for parkinsons will help ? My brother has detoxed,has an infra red sauna
and stays away from msg and apartame. Currently trying high doses of vitamin E
and brewers yeast. Also had tooth fillings changed...if you would like further info
about what my brother has tried and is undergoing we will try to answer..
Hi rogway. It sounds like your brother is about where I was 3 years ago with the night muscle cramps. At the time I had no idea what was causing it. I get the odd cramp now but not as severe as back then. I tried Baclofen but it didn't seem to work for me that great. I was told by various people on this forum and others that 300mg of Quinine would work better. My family Dr. didn't think they even sold it anymore because it is an old Malaria med. It works great for me. I still get the odd cramp but it isn't near as bad as it was. You didn't put in your profile whether you are Canadian or where you are from. This med is available in Ontario but I'm not sure about elsewhere so that is why it is good if you at least put your province or state or other country in your profile. Some things are not available in other places so it helps to know where you are from. Take care and I hope this info helps your brother.
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Hello Al

Thank you so much for your reply.
We will definetly look into the "malaria" med.
was that 300 mg./day?
We live in Sudbury,Ontario
Sorry I didn't get the profile right
will try to go back and modify
Thanks again..all info is so valuable.
Yes I take it about an hour or 2 before bed and it seems to work for me. And I haven't caught Malaria either. Bonus!
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... I also understand that there is quinine in a gin and tonic! You could try a couple of those before bed too ;-)


Thanks Al and TBear for the info.
There is quinine in the tonic. I tried drinking that before the drugs but it tastes horrible (to me anyway) and from what I understand you have to drink way too much to get the benefit. The gin is a good idea but pink lemonade is better with it from my experience.
... but without the tonic you don't get the quinine! What a paradox... having to drink to stay healthy. Myself, I'll stick to the red wine and hope to stay clear of malaria.

By the way Al, thanks for the date on the Jays game... and good idea on registering user locations. It will sure help with a lot of stuff.

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