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Apr 14, 2004
Quite awhile back, I believe it was Melissa who suggested a bio to sort out who was who here which created the thread of "Introductions required." I know I have reverted back to it on numerous occasions.
Recently, we have had some wonderful additions to this family of PALS, CALS, and those seeking help.
It would be helpful to continue that thread, part two. For those who can't locate it in the depths of these discussions, it is an introduction to who you are, why you are here, a summary of your story. By keeping it within a thread, those who are challenged after the end of a long day, can identify with those we correspond with.
Any challengers?
Also it would help for the people to at least post what state or province or country you are in because health care differs quite a lot in some locations.
Would it be simpler to incorporate this kind of information into our profile section. It shows up each time we post, to me I think it would be simpler but I don't know much about this kind of computer/website set up. However I am pretty good at keeping things simple and organized, my nursing sure helped me develop these!
Not a bad idea at all. It would save going back into the posts when some of us get a bit brain dead. It only allows for 255 characters, which isn't much, but heck, give it a try.
Great response eh? I do not know what happened here. I think that putting all of our personal info into our profiles is a great idea. How do we implement that idea? Let me know guys.

I thought by updating the profile it would work. I tried it but what I wrote, didn't reflect it even after I logged out and back in.
A challenge for our mediators to help us, or else we go back to what we did prior.
This was only a suggestion, since the board is expanding, it helps to keep track of who is who.........
Or, if one of the main forums could be for introductions only..."Tell about yourself" or something. More to the personal profiles would certainly be good, but I kind of like the chance to hear a little more about a person. Just my thoughts. melissa
I would love to see a place where we could go to find info on people. I have not contributed much, but read regularly and often wonder about the people who post. Some I have figured out, like Al and Carol, but it would be nice to have everyones info in one place. I would be glad to tell someting about me and my journey with ALS. It does help also to know where people are from, as treatments seem to differ from place to place. Carol, you must be the most caring person in the world to keep posting here to help us after just losing your husband. You have such a way of making us feel better. It was inspiring to read that your faith that the Lord would take care of you that helped get you through. That is what I feel also. A sense of humour helps too, and I see you have that! My husband has enough of that for both of him and me:)
Hi Granny,

Thank you for your kind words. This forum is "still" my lifeline. I have lived with it and have died with it too. When you lose your spouse to als, you never, ever forget it. I am an als surviour. That is how I like to classify myself. I have lived it, so with that knowledge, I may have some useful tips that may help others. I would like to think so anyway. ha... Anyway, a sense of humour is a must. Laughter is the best medicine that I know of. Henry and I shared many a laugh, and many a tear too. It was all good. Faith is a must for us. I do not know how people deal with this level of adversity without putting themselves in the Lords hands. He is the strength that many people need, but still shy away from. I find that our faith in the Lord helped us live the wonderful life we shared together for 27 years. As for sticking around here, well, it will be hard to get rid of me! Take care dear, and have a great day!

Love, Carol
Carol - we won't try to get rid of you! You're wisdom and Tbear's is good to see how life can continue (the good and the bad) beyond the passing of a loved one. I think that is so important to see also.

Granny - go ahead and share about your journey anytime and anywhere. There is a link called "introductions" if you can find it, when you type it will pop back to the top. Or, just write in any forum that seems to fit. Melissa
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