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Friend of Sams

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Sep 15, 2005
Hello all, I just wanted to share my story about my friend Sam.
He has had ALS for 8 years and is 41. He has been immobilized for 3 years now, and has discovered an antioxidant that he started taking 3 months ago. He is very excited to find that he can move his toes on demand, he does not get lock jaw anymore, and he feels better. He has been sitting in his wheelchair for at least 2 hrs a day, and is excited at how he feels. I just want everyone to know that there is HOPE.
Can I guess that "Sam's" antioxidant is from the Prime Factor line of vitamins? Which, happen to sell!
No Mike you must be mistaken. She wouldn't advertise here. It says that the ALS Society does not tolerate advertising right at the top of each page.
No one would be dumb enough to disregard that notice would they?
... this would be a first! Drugs/supplements from the U.S that can be purchased by Canadians! Lets all rent a bus and head down to Buffalo! Of course, for some of us, we'd have to go through the casino in Niagara to get there. Hmm.

So I'm still a bit naive about all this stuff...

Clearly Nicole is trying to make a few bucks here...but would she make up that story about her friend Sam? My problem is that I always like giving people the benefit of the doubt....So if you are making all of this up Nicole just to make a few bucks off some poor unsuspecting people - you are shattering my trust in my fellow person. This fabrication of yours may just suck up the last of my goodwill towards people - I hope you can live with that on your conscience! :wink:

I wonder if those kits you see advertised on TV about how to make money on the net tell people about hocking products by leaving little fabricated messages in various forums like this all over the world to try and extract money from the naive and desperate...
Funny: Now that you mention it the last couple of people on here trying to sell stuff both had friends with ALS. Strange we never get people with ALS saying "This is great stuff and buy from me and you'll be better" not cured but better. How will you know if you're better from that or from faith in God? Who knows?
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I am sorry that all of you are so untrusting of a true hearted human being, and I am not trying to sell anything. If anyone would like to talk to Sam himself I will be sure to pass on your email address to him! I knew that I would have this response, but yet I posted, and why, because my Dad has Parkinson's, and my brother has Muscular Dystrophy, and I was just trying to spread the word that there is HOPE. SO all of you who dont want it, that is your fault.
FoS, if you have something informative to share with us, then please share! We’d be more than happy to look at it, discuss it and debate the pros and cons.

But when you come with a story of a friend who is taking a product (in this case-an antioxidant) that shows encouraging results, then don’t name the product…that is called a “draw”. A marketing tactic intended to entice a potential client. Do we need to beg for the name of this antioxidant?

Sorry friend. As I mentioned, if you have something to share with the rest of us, don’t mess around-just share.

Hope Sam is doing well!


Clearly you've been offended by our skepticism. Your suggestion that there is currently available a "product" that can reverse the the effects of ALS is not uncommon to this site and is not something that is acceptable here... as clearly stated in the front page.
I sincerely hope that your friend Sam has managed to come across something that is of benefit to people suffering from ALS, but you'll have to excuse those of us who have heard this story before. Nothing would make all of us happier than to see his case study reported in a medical journal. Until then, if you are going to post stuff like this, you can expect it to be responded to accordingly.
Its true Nicole a lot of us have dug deep into our pockets for hope but it does not come in a bottle until it has been proven, researched and legitimately stated by our medical community. Do not be offended but a lot of us have been their done that and have only felt totally suckered and our hope in our bottles went down the drain.
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