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Nov 17, 2007
I have been lurking around here for over a month. My symptoms started Sept 26th I sometimes push large electronics and noticed I was very weak. I blew it off since I felt fine otherwise. Later it started in my both forearms feeling weak. Two weeks later weird feelings in my knees. I used to walk a mile a day had to give it up cause felt like I ran a marathon. I have trouble stretching muscles seem tight. Lower back pain comes and goes mostly just sore. I used to be able to crack my toes easily now I cant crack my left only rare occasion. My hands ache and crack my wrists feel almost sprained this is more noticeable on my right hand cause its dominant but still effects both. They are very tight I have given a link of pics at the bottom of this post. They are turning very veiny in the soft tissue that is almost hard between the thumb and index this is weird and concerning me. Three weeks ago my neck to my lower lip got so fatigued that it was almost numb. This has improved but is still not right and I have relapses of the same feeling just not as bad. It feels like I cant really drink right out of a bottle lets say. I have had weak muscles in my left eye for 2 years so that's nothing new. What is new is sometimes around both my eyes feel sore if I move them this lasts up to 3 days then goes away. My face sometimes feel tight. I do have twitches there the kind you can see when they happen. They happen all over either at rest or right after moving a certain way or from doing something. The twitches do not stay in a specific place and do not last long they don't concern me they sometimes almost disappear for days. I have had shaky hands since 16 but now its awful at work cause I think its more a shake due to being weak like if you over work a muscle and it starts to shake. I have recently tried to do bicept curls only 10 lbs I did it 20 times. This made me all shaky for like 3 hrs and then muscle pain for 4 days. I used to have good days in the beginning of all this but now I mostly stay the same. I have had trouble sleeping since this started no snoring or anything like that. I usually wake up 2 hrs after going to bed over and over.

I do not have the foot toe curl up or the finger thumb tests I forget the names :eek:)
I have had mri brain and back (normal)
I do have hyper reflexes in the knees but there symmetrical
I have had so much blood work its stupid (ticks gravis ect.....) all normal

I have been to two nero muscle and am in appointment loop
I go to the hematologist Friday emg on the 3rd
I don't really have any questions just maybe someone can relate to what's going on with myself.
Hi Matt. Since you've been reading the boards I am sure you've noticed that this site has a lot of great information and also. you are not alone. Quite a few folks are having trouble nailing down a DX that explains what is going on with them. Stick around as long as you need. Hopefully things will get sorted out soon and hopefully the answers will be good ones. Cindy
Hi Matt, why think the worst, don't do this to yourself. Als is not a common disease
there are many other conditions that could be causing your symptoms. It seems to
me like you are on the right track as to getting diagnosed. It will just take time.
I am no Dr, but your progression of weakness sounds too fast for ALS. Good luck
The only thing that I find really concerning is that my hands cramp up and the cracking of the joints. My leg upper muscles to have been so sore and can barely stetch them without a lot of pain but no idea how i could have pulled them. I do have a question about twitching is it worse that certain movements in a limb can cause them? also like coughing causes abdomen twitching? I hear alost of people talking about random ones or ones that stay in the same place. I know the nero taps muscles to get them to do something but that never caused them to move on me.
oh and when I say cramp its more of a dull pain not an all out cramp like you would get in your quads. I never got an all out cramp out of no where even in my legs. When I first started to feel sick I used to walk a mile a day this had to stop cause it felt like a marithon. I would get so many twitches in my quads after exercise then if I flexed my leg muscles I could then cause one of those painful cramps but they never just did it on there own.
Mat- you should put your mind at ease by scheduling some neurological tests. Your symptoms could be due to any number of things-all of them treatable. Make up your mind to enjoy the holidays and then get yourself to a good neuro. I have good hopes for you! Cindy

How old are you? My hands look just like yours. Your not alone...


I'm 33....we are alot alike

Your hands look exactly like mine.

What are the neuros saying? What did your first two EMG's say? Did you have a biopsy?


still waiting for emg doing that on the 3rd no muscle biop yet either. What do yours show? Do you have any other symptoms that match mine besides the hands? ug they feel like large rock hands today since i got up wich is funny cause ive always had slender (girly as people at work call them) hands. Sometimes at different times I have my old strength in them though my fingers hurt way more, but most of the time theres not much there in matters of strength. I know i have a pinched nerve in my left hand it effects my pinky and ring finger over there but thats for years and comes and goes. This sickness whatever it is has come on all at once with fatigue, is very symetrical and the hands is basically just one more symptom to add to the list. They didnt bother me till my right hand pinky and then the soreness in the muscles of the hand not to the touch but when moving fingers ect.

If I could ask santa id ask to cure people on this forum cause most are off way worse then myself so no reason to feel sorry for myself and for me to wake up old self that I was 3 months ago.
I've been thru the ringer.

I have hyper reflexes, tongue atrophy (scalloping), tonge twitches. I'm loosing muscle, in face, feet shrunk, hands shrunk / lost muscle. lost weight in general. Left arm smaller (was first thing i noticed). rt pectoral is smaller now. Muscle twithces all over. Rt calf smaller. I have exccessive saliva all the time.

I have strange symptoms, like chills alot, yawning, can't sleep. I don't "connect" when thinking or speaking alot. Like i speak the wrong word....or make stupid mistakes when talking.

I've been thru a rollercoaster the last 1.5 yrs. I had 3 EMG's, 2 of them were what i call, insufficient. The only good one the neuro called normal, but the EMG guy saw something in my left leg he didn't like, the 3rd EMG, the NCV showed some weird after charges on my F-Waves and the neuro told us to our face it was ABNORMAL...then, the neuro blamed it on ANXIETY..... Right.... I just about hate neuro quacks, can you expect someone to tell you whats wrong, when they can't even really test for 1/2 of the diseases they diagnosed?

My reflexes were +3, then a +5....but like yours, they said they were symmetrical. IMO...i have ALS or something like it....

I'm in the waiting game, but, i've learned how to cope and live life lately. Not focus on dying, but focus on living with whatever i have.

wb soon


hmmmm I have only noticed muscle problems besides over all weakness just in my hands. I donno if im loosing musle there I just know they looked more ripped lol. My musles in my face lower lip have a problem feels weird when drinking out of a bottle wrote that before. My wrist hurts for two weeks straight right hand only like pushing open a door position.

Weird symptoms last 3 months.....

I went thru periods of frozen feet like 3 times about a month and a half ago.

I was getting itchy muscles usually forarms this has subsided.

I was getting almost like my whole body wanted to shake.

My hands have always had tremor ive been nicknamed shaky my shakes now though I beleive are due to weakness and are horrable after working a bit with small stuff.

Sleep has improved over last two weeks not getting up every 2 hrs. I was dreaming so much this started 3 months ago and was one of the first symptoms.

I have always missed words

weird symptoms over last 15 years.............

2 years ago I had general fatigue and very cloudy mind easy tasks that I did all the time took forever mentally. I went to the nero took mri ect
This lasted 2 months but then I felt normal again so I didnt think anything of it (nothing like how I feel latally this time)

I have always had swooshing noises in the back of my head since maybe 20 something. They seem to come with hunger noises. I know im not insaine cause my gf at the time heard it too. Went to dr took ct nothing just know its weird cause most people dont hear noises back there.

I have one symptom forget what its called when I look down toward my chest I get an insaine euporic high feeling sometimes this has been going on since high school though. This used to feel good till it got so strong actually started to make me sick learned dont look down lol

I pee all the time been doing that over 5 years maybe not sure about that. I didnt even think of that till recently.

I really thought I had ms due to it going into remision but now with all the damn twitches and nothing coming back positive for it thats how I found this place.
Mat and Jamie

My hands now look that way also, and I'm 35, I ingested an unknown substance in Nov 2007 and was sick for over a month, now a month after that, and I have what I thinks is muscle shrinking, twitching (everywhere), cramps, weight loss, cold/ tingling sensations, blurry right eye vision, difficultly swallowing and my tongue seems thinner, and general weakness. I have seen countless MD's, 2 V A neurologist, 1 private neurologist, and 1 neuroscientist, all of them said I do not have ALS (even though only one had done a partial EMG), but do not know what it wrong with me. I had a Rhabdomyolsis diagnosed on day 2 of incident and a OP (organo phosphate) DX that was reversed a week later of incident, and told I should be okay, all blood serum and urine went back to normal, MRI normal (r/o MS), CT normal, partial EMG (calf/forearm) norm, MG test norm.I have a full extended (not sure what that entails) EMG next week to find out why I have been measuring my arms and legs and lost 3" from my arms and legs in two months and lost 25 pounds. I also have some of the same issues that Jamie posted with cognitive abilities. Has anyone else on this form that reads this have hand that look like ours that has been DX with ALS?
any discoloration of the nail bed?
either one of you served in the military?
what kind of chemical did you ingest
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