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May 7, 2003
Hi fisher! Isn't it awful how long it takes to get a diagnosis? Are you on any ALS meds?
:) Welcome to this site fisher, I am sure you will meet lots of friends here who can help keep you company with this horrible disease. Hope you are connected with a great ot who is helping you and that the als clinic in your area is caring for you. There are alot of great people here who are going to be able to give you support and help I hope you have a family support system for you in place as this disease needs all the support it can get. Hope to hear how you are soon. :wink: joy
... it's frostbite Carol! Either let Henry back in the house... or turn up the heat!

You've been getting more than your fair share of snow over there this year!

Haven't any experience like Henry's foot condition, but we did range-of-motion exercises daily starting at her feet, ... you're probably doing them too! I wonder if the increased circulation helps with that... if anybody can figure it out it would be Anne or Mike.

Take Care... no word from Downtown these days
Hi Carol:

Hope you are not too worn out. I know that being the caregiver can be a full time job on top of your regular one... I had to constantly remind myself that I was the husband and not the nurse!
Yep, winter has been long... but the days are getting longer and the snow is starting to disappear... summer is coming soon... we'll all be waiting for the red string bikinis to come out!
Don't watch survivor... I'm not usually home from work by then but haven't been interested enough since the Australian expedition. I'll watch again when they do Survivor in Northern Ontario... in June.
It's usually quiet around here... just me and the dog... but my kids are home from school for reading week so it only seems like a mariachi band has taken up residence in my basement!... and yes it stands for ted bear... what my wife called me when we were in high school... and I have an Uncle Biggie... I think Uncle Vito is John's cement mixer.
Should run and take the dog out!

CHeers and good luck
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