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Nov 27, 2006
Learn about ALS
Just an FYI for all that are close to me here in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The wonderful ladies and my friend with the ALS assn here have finally succeeded in getting the major hospital to open an ALS Clinic here. It will be one day per month to start, but they will see all ALS patients in our area. I'm sure this covers Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama if needed. It was done in Lafayette due to the central location and the multi-interstate access from the north, south, east and west.

The neuro that will be running it will be training and working under a large ALS clinic, i think Dr. Appell. This Neuro is the best in the area too and very highly qualified. There will be all the PT, OT, etc services. Also, Acadian Ambulance is also contracted to transport patients that cannot transport themselves.

I know there are a few close to me, like Billy Dyle and Capt., if you guys come to lafayette you had darn better let me know, i will buy lunch! If you would like me to set you up with their contact, let me know, it's certainly closer than houston.

It opens in November.

I told these two ladies .... hats off to them, they accomplished this on their own!


That is great to here, I hope Capt. Al see's this. I just talked to him on the phone this week and gave him the info for the Houston clinic. That trip to Houston every 3 months seems to get longer and longer. Thanks for the info Jamie.
Hi there. I'd certainly like to know more about the clinic in Lafayette as I live in Baton Rouge. My father was recently diagnosised here by his Neurologist, but we are going to Houston next week to basically confirm the diagnosis with Dr. Appel at Methodist. As you all know this is all quite scary and sad. I work in the health care industry so fortunately or unfortunately I know what to expect if the diagnosis is confirmed. Any information on the clinic in Lafayette would be appreciated!
Lafayette Clinic

I just talked to the ladies from the Louisiana ALS last night at a support group meeting. Due to a few minor setbacks the first clinic in Lafayette will probably be in Feb., but there will be a clinic there. As Jamie said in his previous post, hats off to these two ladies. I know that they put a lot of time and effort into getting this clinic up and going.

God Bless,
pplalc, I didn't answer your question about the clinic. I am told it will be a multi-disaplinary (spelling probably wrong) clinic just like the one that Dr. Appel has in Houston. If you go to you can call them and get more info, they are located in Baton Rouge.
Hi Jamie,

How are you doing, you haven't posted in a while.
How are the lyme treatments working?
Call and speak to Mrs. Kelly or Mrs. Dora at the Louisiana ALS Assn. They are the ones setting up the clinic.

Dr. Dealvare, who is probably one of the best neuro's in the state is going to run it. I think billy dyle said it will be postponed some, but, these laides with the ALS assn here are about the nicest people you will ever meet! God bless them, i don't know how they do it.

Well, good luck, there are several of us in your neighborhood here.

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No progress, nothing helping. I wish it would be different.

I'm not going to crawl in a hole and give up though.

Are you having any new symtoms, or just staying the same?
We can't give up with small children, that's what keeps us going...
Nothing real new, just same getting a little worse.
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