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Apr 28, 2008
san juan capistrano
You may feel uncomfortable asking for help with necessary, but expensive needs. It never hurts to ask us.

We know that many PALS/CALS need transportation but can't pay for it. The Guardian Angels first volunteer, Sharon Gerrity, looked under every rock west of the Mississippi for someone willing to donate a van. She ran ads in newspapers, made phone calls, and put up with me... all the while being challenged by ALS herself.

Her work paid off and a kind soul donated a van. We made the necessary modifications and will soon ship it out to a CALS.

The reason for this post is to tell you not to be embarrassed to ask. We may not succeed much (most?) of the time, but we're willing to try. Our web site is coming soon (how long have I been saying this?) and it will give you a better idea of what we offer.

Stu- ALS Guardian Angels

Office 949-488-9894
Cell 949-233-3045

Sharon's last name is Carruthers, not Gerrity. Sorry about that.
Guardian angels for ALS patients

Wow Stu your organization is a blessing to all the PALS/CALS in need. God is smiling down on you all!

The thing that is mind boggling to me is the stinking SS disability system that makes an ALS applicant wait the 6 months for a check and it is not retro in NJ! We have been blessed to have a retirement that we had to drain until these SS checks kick in. My husband is only 58 years young and the county he worked for is the ONLY one in our state that does not contribute to state disability so that means no checks until federal kicks in. We will be picking up cobra from his work at a huge cost, just for him, until Medicare kicks in.

My heart goes out to the younger PALS/CALS that are still raising little ones and with little finances just waiting for the ss to become effective. Congress did make a change that it is automative approval for ALS patients but reimbursements should be too!

Time to go Washington to give a shout out! Someday :cry:

Keep up the good work and again.....God is truly happy with you and your organization :-D

thank you

Yes this organization is amazing! Your generousity has brought so much joy to our family. Thank you again for being so kind. Fondly, KR
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