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Jul 5, 2007
Hi, this is my first post. I'm kind of a neurotic guy to begin with and my wife thinks I'm crazy but I've been experiencing a soreness/weakness in the muscle between my thumb and pointer finger for a couple of months, and I know that can occasionally be an early symptom of ALS. I'm 35 and healthy and I'm not having any other symptoms that I'm aware of. My question is: Is this enough evidence to be concerned and see a doctor or should I wait and see? If it's ALS would it likely progress to the rest of my hand/arm? I know that their are no cut and dried answers and any help would be appreciated.
Hi Dave, i am not a doctor but, you may have Carpal tunnel syndrome. Does your hand ever tingle or do you ever have fasciculations or cramping in your hand? I am also soar in the muscle between my thumb and pointer finger, however it is in both hands. 3 Months with no progression to any other body part should seem pretty positive but i believe the cut off is 5 Months. So depending on what other people here think, I believe you have two choices, either wait another 2 months and see if it progresses any (which i dont think you have ALS) or goto the doctor and see what he/she thinks to clear your mind of anxiety.
Hi Dave- I agree. Not that we're actual Doctors, but IMO you should go to your local Neurologist and get checked for ulner nerve, carpel tunnel, even a pinched nerve in the neck. These conditions are treatable but will get wrose over time if left alone. Good luck! Stay calm and enjoy your summer with your family. Regards, Cindy
I agree that it doesn't sound like ALS.
Another vote for not ALS.
Thanks for the replys, and yeah, I knew that it certainly wasn't enough evidence to really worry, I'm just wondering if it's time to see a doctor and figure if it's Carple Tunnel, maybe even Arthritis - it's been a few months which is around the time I expect a pain to go away. Anyway, I'll probably go to a doc if dosen't go away soon. Thanks again for the responses.
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