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Jul 11, 2007
I just found out that the man who lived
across the street from us before we moved in had ALS. Is that just a bizarre coincidence or something worth investigating? What do you think?

Sounds like coincidence. Unless you live in an area of the world where they have "pockets" of ALS. I heard that Middleboro, Massachusetts, is one. Or was it Lakeville? THey are next door to each other.
You call them pockets of ALS we refer to them as clusters and the small city we live in ( under 17,000. ) has at least 4 people who have it in and around the surrounding area and as far as I can tell none are shall we say home grown. My husband has traveled all over the world and so has another PALS we have met here, the others I do not know. Or is there a conection with spraying the orchards that started this town that triggered something in them. We have many fruit tree's in our yard and my husband used to spray them.
Duluth MN

My friend grew up in Duluth and there are lots of people around this city / area and of his age Dx with ALS. They were the ones who drank the most Asbestose tainted water from the refineries using the water for cooling. He recalls the point at which the city realized the water problem, and everyone then began going to the fire dept to get water because theirs was free of contaminants...

DNR standards for water quality continue to be lowered, ground water continues to become more unsafe with all the crap people put on their lawns, gardens...

After our friend was Dx'd, we tested our water to find it was high in Nitrates... we bought a Reverse OSomosis purifier ($3K) and we enjoy every drop knowing it's safe...
My best friends brother who later married my little sis died from als about 6 years ago, 5 years later i was diagnosed. We grew up less than a mile apart and spent a lot of time together. Family vacations were often taken together. the 2 familys even bought a cabin together. I found it strange that my family would be hit by this rare disease twice in non related members. there has to be an enviornmental connection. we grew up just outside of salem, oregon.
Interesting - seems that for those of us with ALS - "coincidence" really isn't an acceptable explanation. I contacted our state epidemiologist today about this. I hope to meet with him sometime next week to discuss. I'll let you know what he says.

Hello Everyone,

As a CALS, feel very strong about the environment issue with ALS, also, gene factor, and strongly urge everyone to register with The National ALS Registry so that all the questions may have answers very soon and hopefully we can foresee a cure for this deadly disease.

So far, without data to back up this disease on ALS patients, we have not progressed at all in ALS diagnosis, cure, nor treatment. It is so sad.

My heart goes out to everyone that is living with ALS. I pray for a cure soon. My husband was too young to leave us this year.

Hugs & Prayers,
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