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Aug 10, 2005
Ok so we had really bad storms in New York yesterday.... Dad was driving on a very scary highway. A great deal of twists and turns... Well it was raining, windy, and puddels all over the place. He hit a puddle and hyddroplaned vered to the right off the road and then got control and dig a figure 8 right into the guard rail. Thank GOD he is just fine not a scratch and not even sore... Thank God also nothing else was involved no people no other cars just dads truck and the guard rail.. Truck is done!

We saw two other accidents in the same place and people driving off the road... So this is my question and would not even be a concern but people are asking me do you think it is because of the ALS... I hate this everything does not have to be the ALS...

Do others on this board drive?

NO!He hydroplaned It could have happened to anyone.Pat
I find driving one of the least strenuous activities for me that there is. My right ankle stiffens when I drive for too long but that effects my walking afterwards not my driving. My ALS doc hasn't even raised the issue.

I drive. When I was first diagnosed I didn't drive for two months after that. I was just too frightened I'd get in an accident. If I'm feeling fatigued I don't drive. I also don't drive much further than ten minutes at a time in town. My right foot has spasms - so I worry that I wouldn't be able to brake or accelerate as quickly as I would need to if my right foot got tired. For me, I've decided to continue driving but I've promised myself to be honest about how I'm feeling each time before I get into the driver's seat.

Glad your Dad is OK! Too bad about the truck.

You know, my sister-in-law has ADHD and drives like a teenager learning stick shift (she's 55). She hydroplaned in a rain storm, went upside down on the guard rail, totaled her SUV- but came out without a scratch. Nobody asked if we thought it was because of her ADHD.:-D (I know it's not the same, but never the less....)

I understand the concern family may have about your Dad driving. But I bet like Kate, he will stop when he feels it is necessary. I doubt he wants to be in a position where he could hurt himself or someone else. PALS need their freedom for as long as they can get it.

My husband drives just to be doing something, as he gets bored easily. If we are on a long trip and he starts cramping, he'll ask me to drive.

Hope this helps to ease your anxiety about the situation.
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