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Jul 3, 2007
In January I started having severe muscle pain in both arms. I was taking Crestor, so I went to the Dr. and he pulled me off the Crestor and ran the CK test and such. CK levels were elevated so they told me to stop the Crestor for good and come back in a month for another test. We are now 6 months later, my arms still hurt, though not as much as when I went on my first visit (forearms), and my CK levels are still elevated. The Dr. has scheduled an appointment for me to see a neurologist on the 16th, but I don't know why or what he is thinking. I have called the office and they haven't responded. As far as I can tell, I don't have any other symptoms that would be related to ALS. Does this sound like ALS to anyone?

Forgive me if this seems like a wasted post. I have had nothing but health problems over the last year and a half (atherosclerosis, bacterial pneumonia, hernias, etc.). I don't know. I'm just very scared right now. Any help would be appreciated.
First, I am really sorry for how you are feeling, especially the fear. No post is a wasted post on this forum, so please feel welcome.

Crestor, and many other cholesterol lowering drugs, is well-known for causing severe muscle problems. Please check out the link below, it discusses rhabdomyolysis which is a severe muscle illness. It causes a breakdown of muscle which would account for your high CPK. Crestor has been shown to cause this. I hope you pursue this and maybe even talk to someone in the legal field about what it may have done to you. But, mostly, I hope for your quick recovery instead of months and years of symptoms. Good luck~Leslie
Hi jeliota. Elevated CK levels are quite often the result of heart related problems. More likely that than ALS. Hang in there. Welcome and ask what you need to know. Don't fret until the 16th. Try to relax.
What were your CK levels?
Ck can be elevated for other reasons beside cardiac and neuro problems You see that with people that go to the gym and over work muscles also crestor is a bad drug in high doses How many mg were you on and how high is you ck Pat
CK levels

Does the CK test have to be ran specific to check for ALS? If regular blood work is done up will it show? Thanks. Jerry
CK is usually done if ALS is suspected and if it is not elevated they have a baseline to compare it with later.
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