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Jul 17, 2007
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I haven't posted for a couple of months. My brother Jimmy continues to get weaker, although he is still walking (very stiffly), and driving, and living alone, although for how much longer I'm not sure. Anyway, as new things occur that Jimmy can no longer do, we all (the family) put our heads together and figure out a solution, a new way of doing things. However, this weekend when my sister and her husband went to visit Jimmy they ended up putting new door locks on his outer doors because Jimmy was having so much trouble getting the key into the lock and turning the key. My brother-in-law (bless his heart), kept installing the locks and taking them apart, trying to adjust them to make them easier. I was wondering if there is anything besides a traditional lock and key that people have used successfully on their doors?

Thanks for any insight!
key solution

Hi I bought my friend a key aid - as well as a button aid and a couple ring pens...
there are a lot of aids found at this site:

My friend had stuggled 3 months ago with his door at work - this key aid made his ability to turn the lock quite easy... lots of good stuff here

Good luck - a lot of friends are willingto help too - if you just let them know!
Yes and I heard that Home Depot or Lowes sells an electronic dead bolt that you wrok with a buzzer, and for under $30 or so, too. Haven't seen it but I am about to get myself a key aid. Usually others are in the building when I get to work but if I have to open up it is really hard.
thanks guys! i will look into both the key aids and the electronic dead bolt.
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