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Dec 10, 2004
Hello, I am new here. Currently I work for a construction company in the US, and recently one of our employees was diagnosed with ALS. We are trying to find some kind of a hoist for him. He lives by himself, so when he falls he has no help to get back up. Does anyone know if there is some kind of equipment that we could get to help him?

hi jes

i can't say that i know of anything for his particular need. maybe he could keep a small phone on his person at all times so that he can call 911. sorry i couldn't be of much help!
Hi Jes
I am new her to. But by way of qualification, I have had ALS for 2 ½ years. There are various hoists out there, but none are flexible enough for the application you require. I am based in the UK so I do not know a great deal about the professional treatment approach in Canada or the USA The most important issue is to try and prevent damage i.e. broken bones etc. and to do a limited amount of exercise to those muscles that have not deteriorated. I would strongly recommend going to a Physiotherapist; they can recommend certain aids that may assist your friend. There are in broad terms two types of falls that I have encountered.
1. The Pack of cards
This is sort of collapse of a leg usually, the hamstring or the calf muscle going into spasm. Not to dangerous for me, as I go down slowly and end up on my backside. However, it can be embarrassing especially this time of year as most people assume you have had too much to drink. There are no aids for this that I am aware of, however there are exercises which do help.
2. Foot Drop
This the front part of the foot dragging or toes curling under the main part of the foot. If you cannot stand on your toes unaided then there is a risk. This type of fall for me is the most dangerous as I have had a few black eyes and cuts to prove it. The worse thing is that it knocks your confidence. The good thing is that there are aids and they most certainly work. The most common type here, is a hard plastic strap which support the foot when inserted into a shoe. Another version is made in Holland and consists of a pliable material which encloses the lower calf and heel and is held in place with flexible straps with Velcro all inserted into a standard shoe. It is the latter that I use, as I could not use the common version.

Hope, this is some help’s
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