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May 2, 2007
I am in the process of purchasing a wheelchair and have narrowed it down to two choices. Any pros or cons on the following two types of chairs would be greatly appreciated... Invacare TDX and Permobile. I am looking at high backs for both as well as the ROHO seat. TDX has mid wheel drive and Permobile has front wheel drive. I thank you in advance for your imput.
Hi Denise. I tried the TDX5 and a rear wheel drive here in Toronto last March in the snow. The rear wheel drive got stuck and the TDX went through the same spot without getting stuck. That was more or less the deciding factor for me. I live on 1.6 acres in a rural area and the TDX handles the hills and grass well. The wheels will spin on a hill in wet grass though. I try to stay on flat surfaces in the snow if I can. I've had mine since late March and would say I'm 100% satisfied. Service on a Permobile would not have been as convenient here as it may be in Chicago. That was an issue as well. Where is the nearest service outlet if you need parts? Hope this helps.
If you have to negotiate sharp turns (e.g. from a side ramp on a van into the front passenger seat) the TDX mid wheel drive does a beautiful job. Turns on a dime!
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Hi Denise, Sis had a TDX chair with Roho cushion and high back. She was able to go down the hall of her home (a regular family bungalow) and make a right hand turn into her bedroom very easily.

I have the permobil C300 and love it. I also have an invacare TDX that I am using while my elevator is installed. I prefer the Permobil hands down as it's simply a better powered wheelchair. All the attachments are of a more sturdy design. The arm rests and the foot supports al have an advanced enginiering design to them. I can negotiate very sharp turns as this Permobil turns on a dime. I enter a Chrysler minivan from a side ramp and I can turn around in the middle. The TDX won't allow me to turn as well because it's a larger unit. I have needed repairs to several parts on the Invacare but my Permobil has not had any needs for repairs since I have purchased it.
Their both about the same price so I would say Permobil.
Today I got Quantum Q600 mid wheel drive. So far it's looking good. It's comfy and was able to do my software development job (coding on a computer for the most part) without any issues. I choose mid wheel drive because it's easier to use in tight corners.
Our invacare TDX has had several problems and is not even one year old. THe hydraulics have a leak (covered under warranty), the head rest bracket bent..need a new one. A huge mistake was the chair was delivered without tie down brackets (no way to install aftermarket). Also, they are just in the design phase for automated leg lifts. If your insurance covers it...go for the permobil. I did hear that the parts were more expensive to replace. The positive of the invacare is the elevate feature. It has been so helpful to use the elevate when transferring my hubby. Good luck..wished we had done more homework when purchasing our chair.
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