Need Help. Sudden painless low Steppage Gait

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Mar 6, 2024
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30/M with no family history of this

Yesterday, I had a shockwave like vibration that went through outside of my left leg after which I had a little discomfort while walking.

Thinking it may due to mild herniation in my l4-l5 disk, few hours later I did some lower back decompression exercises. Then i was just on the bed for maybe 30 minutes or so.

When I got up, I felt my left leg weighed a 1000 pounds less, as if its not even there. I wouldn’t call it numb because I was able to feel touch sensations. It felt as if its not even my leg when I started walking.

I was getting from point A to point B but the left leg felt lifeless and I developed a “slap gait” / low steppage gait where you put the entire feet down insead of heel to toe.

It did not see any strength changes as of now, 12 hours running besides the low steppage gait issue which im very much sure of and is more noticeable when running.

Also wanted to mention throughout all this I did NOT feel any pain which has me the most worried.

Other than this, flexing/ tightening the leg feels better. Tightening my shoes felt better. But other than this, it feels I have a lifeless leg that I ak dragging along.

Background - i have been dealing with a stiff right leg for 3 weeks now which gets better with rest.

Please comment on what this could be as I am very worried of it being the big bad and have been panicking internally. Happy to provide any additional info if needed.

Thank you so much.
Hi there-

Please read here: Read Before Posting The first recommendation is you visit with a medical professional for an exam if you are concerned about your health. In the link you'll read about why sensory issues and symptoms that improve point towards something other than ALS. Have you been to see physio or anyone about your stiff leg? It sounds like you have a known back issue and I am wondering if you might need to go see someone for a tune-up and some exercises to deal with nerve compression.

All the best
The most common cause of foot drop ( if this is what you have. Can you heel/ toe walk?) is either a pinched nerve in your back or peroneal nerve compression. I have foot drop on both sides now. In neither did I have any sensation associated. Even now my legs feel normal not lifeless. See a doctor
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