need help concerning invasive respirator

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Jan 20, 2006
HI, my husband and I (whose mom has Bulbar ALS) will be moving down to her house to take care of her in next 3-6 months when she has respirator put in. Can you tell us what that will specifically entail? Have read all brochures but not getting specifics. Will we be better suited to the job if my husband takes a nurse asst. course? Will we need to be with her 24 hrs. a day or just while she's awake? Will she be very uncomfortable much of the time or will it be something she will get used to? Will she be able to move around easily? Is the care the machine needs hourly or daily? Complex, or simple for those of us nonmechanically adept folks? Any response from someone who's been there will be GREATLY appreciated!-Kaneact :D
Hi kaneact. By a respirator being put in do you mean a tracheotomy and a permanent ventilator? There are a couple of people here on a vent and hopefully they'll be able to give you some advice. Try this website they might have some useful information,
These 2 sites may give you some of the information you are looking for.
Take care Al.
thanks, will do!

Al- I will definately check out those two sites, thnk you very much, and yes, I did mean a trach respirator, thnks for clarifying! Take care-Kane
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