Need expensive shoes if you don't walk?

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Sep 29, 2006
Hey y'all...hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to as happy a new year as possible!
I have a dumb question. My husband is now in a power chair and just wears socks at home. But we have to go to the doctor next week, so he will need to "dress" and I suppose that includes shoes. He has blood clots and trouble with his feet swelling, so his regular shoes don't fit any more. Do we need to invest in expensive therapeutic shoes if he is only wearing them while seated?
Thanks for your input.:)
Pollyanna -

If it is warm enough down there in TX, maybe a cheap pair of mocassins would do for comfort but also looking "dressed".

I am sure I have seen people in chairs, in public, wearing just slippers. But if you are thinkign his feet might get cold could he maybe borrow a pair of shoes? Even the cheapest pair at Walmart seems expensive if he's not going to wear them long. When and if it comes my time I hope my family remembers I would rather be comfortable than fashionable!
Hi polyanna,

As my Dad always said "There are no dumb questions, just dumb answers!" Hopefully mine won't fall in that category. :-D

I'm in wheelchair as well and I have an awful time with my feet swelling. I really don't think we need expensive therapeutic footwear. I bought a pair of cheapy velcro runners (various colours) which work well. I've also seen dress shoes with velcro fasteners, they looked pretty good! If my feet swell I just ease off the velcro.

That's my perspective but hey! I'm a cheap guy!

You have a great new year!
We dont go out anymore but when we did go to the doc my husband just wore his comfy sheepskin slippers in his need for shoes and comfort rules when dealing with ALS!

Beth (CALS to Shannon, diagnoseded 8/04 at age 40)
Comfort always ruled with me! I finally learned to change my shirt after being out in the garden (back when I could do that sort of thing) because I'd get ready to run uptown for a quick errand and Lee would say, "You're not going like that, are you?" Now, he's no fashion plate so if he noticed it must have been bad! :-D

I haven't asked but I bet one of their secret fears is that now that I have some sort of medical need I might feel less inclined to gussy up! :roll:
Well, thanks everyone! Looks like the answer lies in being comfortable, which of course is my goal for my hubby. He has enough to deal with fighting all the ALS battles, so I try to provide everything he can still enjoy. He can still eat, so I make all his favorite meals. And he loves movies and football, so we subscribe to Netflix and have a 130 hour Tivo...and of course you KNOW what we've been watching the past few days....College Football Bowl Games! And the dressing part...well, he lives in sweat pants and sweat shirts, but I thought he might want to wear regular pants. But then, who am I trying to impress, right? I think I'll get him some comfortable moccasins or slippers or maybe the velcro athletic shoes, and he can just wear his dressiest sweats! He has a pair of Texas Longhorn sweats that would be just right for going to the doc...don't you think?
Again, thanks for all the replies...I appreciated and enjoyed each one!
My brother doesn't have limited mobility yet but we did buy him 2 pairs of comfy slippers with rubber soles. we bought them 1 size too big, easy to get on but not so big they are floppy or uncomfortable. Both pair look like casual shoes vs slippers.

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