Need an update on Andres...........

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Jul 14, 2007
Citlalli, we are concerned about you and Andres. The last time we heard from you his breathing was very labored. If you are out there let us know how he is doing. May God bless you and your family.

Dear Irma,

Thanks for your concern. He is more tired each day but he is a bit better than that day when I wrote. Today was the day he chose to stop eating anything through his mouth which is huge for him though he is very centered and at peace, we have been busy sharing his spiritual prepaaration and reading and meditating. We are going to have an important ceremony as part of our buddhist path this tuesday. Yesterday he told me he felt as if it would happen anytime between 2 weeks and 2 months.

He has begun having headaches too, and I am very aware it could happen any moment so I am trying not to leave the house when its my time to rest and just enjoy him as much as I can. I am very sad though, but its an underlyiing sadness pepered with joy at the magic and beauty of his process. He is my teacher and I have been so fortunate to have him in my life. I cant even imagine that I will never see him again.


Citlalli we are all praying for you and Andres each day. You are such a wonderful wife for him and I know that he appreciates that. Please know that we all think of you and are so sorry you are having to go thru all of this....

Hi Citlalli amd Andres! I was so pleased to hear from you guys, but saddened at the fact that the end for Andres seems to be near. I know you are going to miss him terribly. For Andres it is going to be peace at last. No more "monster als," and no more pain. Tine does heal wounds, and He will shower you with such comfort. I will be praying for you both. I am praying that Andres encounters a very, very peaceful end. Isn't it amazing Citlalli, how courageous these people are? They are so special, and they touch so many hearts! May God bless them all.
Citlalli, I am thrilled at your ceremony for Tuesday. Would it be rude for me to say that I find it very interesting, even though I know that Andres's time to say good bye is near? What I am trying to say is that I followed up a little bit on Buddhism after I found out that you and Andres are of that faith. Would I be disrespecting you if I was to ask you how and when you were introduced to that faith? I am just curious. I am just like a cat, full of curiousity. LOL! Take care dear, and bless you both. If I am being too nosey please feel free to say so, and I will apologize, and move on to something different on a different sense. Keep us posted. After all we are all like family.

Hi Irma and Michelle,

Thanks for your support. You are very welcome to ask whatever you want. We are actually on the path of tibetan budhism, which has a great deal of teachings on death and specific practices and ritual for dying, which we have been doing. Ever heard of the Tibetan book of the dead? we came to this path through many simultaneous doorways. Andres Mom was a buddhist, she died from cancer just before we met and her whole budhist community was there for her, everyone learned so much from her death and it also strengthened the community to work together in helping someone. When Andres was Dx we came to live in the town where he grew up. We had by then had some interest in buddhism, and had spent some time in a monastery in Nepal. Once in Tepoztlan, our town, we gradually integrated into the 2 buddhist communities here and during the five years we have been deepening our compromise. They have been amazing in helping us, not only through spiritual support, but on practical matters like bringing us home cooked meals every day.

Thanks for your interest and prayers...
Wow! No Citlalli I have never heard of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. I am trying my best not to be disrespectful, but I have one question, and one question only, and then we'll go back to Andres. Here is my question. Do Buddhists believe in God the Almighty Father? Oh, please don't slap me! LOL! I just had to ask! I will understand, and respect whatever reply you send me. I am ju so curious!
Take care Citlalli, and please keep us posted, and God bless!

Now is a good time for me to thank you, Citlalli, for the thread you started a while back on reading materials to help one cope with death. Mike (Quadbliss) recommended a book on insight meditation and I find it most helpful. I like the idea of living in a more “Skillful” manner and am trying to learn some of these principals. Cordially, Cindy
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