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Jul 14, 2006
In the past few weeks I have noticed that my neck muscles are sore and kind of stiff. When I go to turn my head it kind of hurts like a strained muscle. I also think my upward motion of my head is not quite as far as normal. I have also noticed that my neck muscles are getting tired when I do things like sit here at this computer looking at the screen. Now when I am in my recliner, I don't notice it. But when I am not in the recliner I find myself tilting my head forward every now and then to give my back neck muscles a rest. Is this symptom experienced by any of ya'll? If let me here back from you.



I wouldnt jump to concusions it could be a pinch nerve degenerative disease see a orthopectic or neurologist I dont think its als Good luck pat:)
Hi Rick. Sitting in the recliner gives more support to the neck. Hunched over at the computer will give me a stiff neck if I'm here too long. As I recall you have a diagnosis and have had it for a while so it could be muscle issues. All part of the program. AL.
My dad, who was diagnosed with ALS a few months ago, began having problems with his back and neck 2 years ago. His upper back was especially affected, but also the lower back which destabilized his hips, making walking and balance even more of a challenge. He was given physical therapy exercises to keep range of motion, but his neck did continue to become weaker until he had a prominent kyphosis (head and upper back bent over). The muscles there just are not strong enough to hold his head up. He recently got a neck brace to help him with this problem. It has some issues, but does give him assistance to see where he is going and relieves the stress on the neck muscles when he needs to be upright. He spends a fair amount of time in the reclined position, as this is most comfortable for him. I hope that you do not come to have the severe kyphsis that my dad has, as each person experiences ALS somewhat differently. It is worth talking to your doctor about to see what they can do to help you manage this aspect of the illness. My dad suffered needlessly with this until the ALS diagnosed, as the therapists kept saying a neck brace would just weaken his muscles. WIth ALS, the muscles are getting weaker anyway, so I'm glad he now gets a break from the effort it takes to lift his head. He still does the range of motion exercises to maintain flexibility as long as possible, and does not wear the brace all the time.
neck issues

I also have weak neck I have neck spasms mostly when I get excited nervous and sometimes (sounds crazy )if my neck is too relaxed. Some pain meds will cause that to happen not kidding. When my daughter started having her little girl two weeks ago I was in the room my neck went crazy until I made myself relax... I also have back and neck problems had 4 surgeries on C & L spine... janf ( hopes this helps )
Thanks for your info. I just noticed another weird thing. When I sat down yesterday in a kind of low chair, when I reached the bottom my head proceeded to go back all the way with out my being able to control it! I think I have lost muscle strength in my neck that is resulting in my getting tired when I am siting up like here at the computer. Do many of you pals have neck muscle weakness? Also that stiffness or slight pain I memtioned in my original post that was in my neck, I am also feeling it in my lower back. Any clue as to what is going on? Thanks for your help. Rick
i think i wrote the other day that my head has started feeling like it was overweight. my neck muscles are weaker and my head will only stay upright for a short period without extra effort. my neck is sore and difficult to turn. the muscle contractions under my ribs and in my back are fairly constant and leave me weak. my neurologist told me it was the progression of als, it is just the way the disease acts affecting each of us different, but much the same with different time frames

Weak neck muscles

My neck muscles have weakened to the point that I use soft brace if sitting up right for very long. The worse thing is when care-givers are careless in transportation or trannsfer & let it flop backwardss! Panic --I can"t breathe. Used to grab hair to pull neck back upright, but arms too weak; I cannot talk, so put my strongest hand in mouuuuthh & try to pull it up-right. Inspite of my symptoms, it was great to celebrate once more the birth of myy Savior.......He alone knows what lies ahead,, but it would be wonderfullll if He granted us another year, & even more glorious if He calls us home!
Love to all, Mollye
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