neck cracking?

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Jul 24, 2006
New York City
i just spoke with my aunt and she said "my neck just cracked!" - i didn't know if that was a good thing or not but she was so excited. she said she "waits and waits" for that to happen? she said sometimes her neck cracks and when it does... she speaks better and faster? i couldn't tell a huge difference but i was able to understand her better. does anyone else experience that sort of thing? makes me wonder if a chiropractor might help her in any way? does that make sense? just wondering...

hope everyone is having as beautiful a weekend as we're hving here in new york city! it's gorgeous! get outside and soak up the sun!

love nicole
Hi Nicole,

Over the years I have receive a lot of help from Chiropractors. They have kept me functioning when I would have been incapacitated without their help.

I would encourage your aunt to try - what does she have to loose?
It may not help her at all, but then again, maybe it will.
From your description of her reaction to "my neck just cracked" I believe it will at least give her some emotional benefit. Although I would bet it helps her.

Go for it!

We are having another beautiful day in Western Canada as well! Should be a warm one today!
thanks joel

you're right. there's nothing to lose at all. i think the chiroprator is a good idea. western canada? i am jealous. i have been to van couver a few times and i WISH i could live there!

enjoy the nice weather and take care! thanks for the response!
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