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Aug 11, 2006
I'm having a problem keeping my head up. I tried the basic $10 foam neck brace. But that didn't cut it. Does someone have a suggestion?
Mom tried the foam kind without much luck.

This was a long time ago, but she got an Aspen collar and it was terrific. It was fitted by a gentleman at the orthopaedic supply house who was familiar with ALS. It supported her neck, it was not stifling hot like the foam one, and it did not cause pressure discomfort where chin rested.

Good luck.
We tried three different collars for my father. None of them were comfortable or useful for him. We had high hopes. They all "clamp" his mouth shut, so talking and eating were not an option. A head is very heavy, and for all of the weight to rest on a "thing" was just too much. The best thing we figured out is rather primitive, but works the best for him. We tie a strap (like a bathrobe belt or something maybe about 6 feet long) onto the wheelchair back, wrap it around his head, and tie the other end onto the wheelchair back. It gets uncomfortable after about 20 - 30 minutes, because it's tight on his forehead. This is how he eats. He doesn't have bulbar symtoms, (I don't think) but he cannot support his head at all, so it hangs down and over to the right. When he's sitting up at the table and wants to talk or eat, this is what we do. I'll even do it at a restaurant. It causes people to give a second look, but it works. MH
Another alternative is the Headmaster collar

My husband has tried the Headmaster but always goes back to a soft cervical collar that I made for him. It is constructed from foam with a firmer foam piece under the chin, bonded to the two side pieces. It curves under the chin and is cut out under the ears to make wearing more comfortable. The foam was sculpted with an electric knife. But it dulls the knife fairly quickly if you do a lot of this kind of stuff with it.

I obtained the foam from a company that makes mattresses etc. but I think anywhere that sold material for cushions and upholstery would have the appropriate foam.

The collar is covered in a soft stretchy knit which is pulled tight. Some webbing and velcro form the closures. It just fits a lot better than what you get off the shelf.

He takes it off to eat.

Another advantage . . . he wears it upside down at night to stop the Bipap full face mask from leaking!
neck brace

Hi Leo,

I never tried this with LB so I'm not for sure how well it works myself but the suggestion from the mobility company that worked with us suggested a baseball cap. He said that with children they found that to be the best solution. He said to sew Velcro straps on each side making them long enough to reach around the headrest. Then it would be just a matter of getting the cap on and off. This along with a U-Shaped neck support pillow was his suggestion. If you try it and it works let us know. I hope it will help.

Good luck,

Landscape- can you post a picture of the collar you made? PM me if you need help doing so. I think we have several handy folks on this forum and I bet others would like to see your wrok so they could try to re-create it. Cindy
Yes, I really will get with it and take some photos. It's on my list now!
Thanks. I am sure it will be a big hit with many. Cindy
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