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Jul 4, 2007
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My wife was diagnosed with PBP last month. She had a lumbar puncture / spinal tap to rule out a long shot problem. She has had continous nausea for almost three weeks post proceedure. She seems to have a mild case of GERD. At this point I don't know if the nausea is PBP related. The nausea and excess saliva, on and off for some months, is having a terrible impact on her mental health, as if she needed anything more. Has anyone heard of this symptom related to PBP?

I have bulbar als, I got nausea I couldnt eat, throwing up.
I went to my doctor, gave me blood test said I had h-pylore,
Its to much bacteria in stomach ,they gave me atibotics
cleared it up. It could be that or something else.

Davis 07

Thanks for your quick answer.

Everything urshes at you so fast. My wife was just adjusting, if that's the word, to her Dx, when she was set back by the nausea. Her energy, eveything went downhill so fast including her speech. I hope part of it is do to the dehydration and lack of energy.

We will check into the H. Pylori bacteria. Good idea.

Stay well:)
I had naseua for months. Wrote to everybody who ever mentioned it but they all thought it was due to some medication they were on. That is not the case with me. Turned out if I am overtired or on the verge of a bug I get indigestion. Didn't recognize the condition as I never had it before this. Tell you wife to try an OTC antacid. It could help and for me at least, made it a pleasure to be alive again.

My theory is that our nervous sytems are in overdrive, thus the sudden acid reflux. It helps to lay off the caffene, too. Might be a long shot for your wife but if it works it is a simple remedy to an awful feeling. Good luck! Cindy
Hi Mauricel, Welcome to the family. You will find a lot of good info on this forum. I have the indigestion (reflux) the most. My nausea is usually smell related. I agree with Cindy I think we are in overdrive. Everything goes ninety to nothing and our nerve cells can not keep up. If your a car buff if guess you could say our transmission is slipping. LOL. Has your wife had choking? There is a medicine for the excess saliva, ask your Dr. I choke on saliva more than anything. Look forward to hearing from you and your wife.
LOL, Mauricel, I swear due to the power of suggestion I woke up today feeling like I have morning sickness. :-D It's been over 25 years since I was last pregnant but you never forget the feeling. Plus I am shaky and my legs aren't doing so well but hopefully all this will pass.

Anyway, tell your wife if she hasn't thought of it to keep the saltines and gingerale on hand. Of all the symptoms we have to deal with, this one is one of the most annoying, IMO. Give my best to your wife from a fellow sufferer. Cindy
Haven't been back to this forum in a while. My wife was hospitalized for a bad reaction to reglan for the nausea just about 2 weeks ago. She lost 8 or her 100 lbs. Got her rehydrated and the nausea also stopped. We stopped the Rilutek (liver functions elevated). She is finally feeling good and regained three pounds in the past week. Treating her for GERD and hope to cautiously get back on the Rilutek. I think you're right. The body goes haywire and drives the stomach reactions. Thanks for your posts.
Hi Mauricel, glad she is feeling a little better. Cindy
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